Tips for Setting Up Your Prom Committee

Delegation is the key to your Prom’s success – and your sanity! To ensure both, select your committee members carefully and then divide them into subcommittees, each with specific responsibilities. Remember, your Prom committee should be representative of the whole student body and big enough to handle all the various issues that arise. Depending on the size of your group, you then can create anywhere from five to ten subcommittees. Below are some tips!  

Members of your prom committee can be selected in several ways. Have volunteers sign up at lunch or before school, or limit the number of volunteers to the first 10-50 people who sign up. Be sure to get contact information (phone, e-mail address, home room, etc) when people sign up. At the same time you could take a survey seeing what kinds of prom themes or music students would like.

You could also limit your committees to class officers or student council members or have elections for prom committee chairpersons and members.

Time Stands Still KitThe more students you get involved, the more participation there will be in your event. Create a number of committees and sub-committees so everyone can take part in the planning.

Here are some ideas for different sumcommittess:

Budget: This committee will help calculate how much decorations, entertainment, food, favors, and other aspects will cost and create a budget. Sticking to budget will help your event run smoothly. Students good at math and problem solving are great for this job.

Chaperoning/Security: This committee will create contacts and liaisons with the faculty and the local police to get your prom chaperoned and secure.

Cleanup: This committee is in charge of tearing down decorations and cleaning up after the prom. It doesn’t seem like much fun, but with the right people and some good music it can be a great time.

Decorations: Get your creative minds and crafty people or carpenters in this committee. You can break it down into further subcommittees for the focal point, entrance, general theme, ceiling, walls, floor, and photo settings.

Entertainment: This committee is in charge of the music, play list, announcers for prom court and superlatives. There are a lot of decisions in this process and we have more planning tips for your prom entertainment.

Favors and Souvenirs: This committee has a big job. Keeping on budget, they’ll need to pick out prom favors that students will like and want to keep. Plus, they’ll have to decide whether or not to personalize favors and what to personalize them with. There are tons of prom favors, most of which can be imprinted with your school and prom information.

Food and Refreshments: We have tons of prom tips to help you create the perfect menu for your formal dinner or prom refreshments. This is a part of the prom that can be as small or as elegant as you want.

Fundraising: This committee will work carefully with the budget committee and plan fundraising events to raise money for your prom. We have a lot of fundraising tips to help you raise the money you need for your perfect school prom.

Location: The people on this committee will help find and book the location for your event. Check our location tips for selecting a prom location.

Garden Photo SettingPhotography: This group of people needs to find and book a photographer, plus find decorations for your photographer to use. There are tons of beautiful photo settings to match a wide selection of themes.

Set-Up: This committee has the big job of setting up all your decorations and supplies. You’ll want hard workers and people good at meeting deadlines on this committee.

Theme Committee: The theme will determine a lot of elements of your prom from the decorations, invitations, favors, maybe even food. We have a huge list of prom theme suggestions. Get some creative people on this committee.

With the right of combination of people, ideas, and hard work, you’ll have a prom you’ll never forget.

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