Keeping the Peace on Your Prom Committee

Your Prom committee is supposed to help plan the prom – right? Then why do you sometimes feel that you are you spending more time refereeing arguments than organizing the big event?

In the quest for the perfect prom, everyone has an opinion! Unfortunately, these opinions are not always unanimous. Multiply these opinions by 100,000,000 (the average number of decisions needing to be made) and you have a recipe for disaster.

But don’t throw in the towel yet! We have some tips to help you make it calmly through all the meetings and decisions. With minimal stress and no injuries to your fellow committee members, you can keep peace and plan the prom of everyone’s dreams.  

1) Committee Guidelines: At your first meeting, state five or so rules that the committee members must adhere to during the course of Prom planning. These could include respect for every idea, encouragement of member’s opinions, not interrupting another member, communicating, etc.

2) Meeting Agenda: Outline an agenda for every meeting and give one to each member. This will help everyone stay on track and eliminate many potential digressions.

3) Opinion Sharing: Before a decision is made, be sure to get everyone’s opinion. Many students will openly share, but some need to be called upon. Don’t hesitate to ask quieter members what they think!

4) Silent Vote: Decide key issues by taking a silent vote. This is the most democratic and fair way to make your prom decisions. It also helps quieter students to share their opinion without feeling intimidated.

5) Student Vote: If your committee is spilt on a prom theme, consider taking a school-wide vote on the top three themes. This takes the pressure off your members and gives all the students a chance to be involved!

6) Money Matters: To make the most of your money, require each committee head to make a presentation of three or so vendors to the whole Prom committee. For instance, the student in charge of photography would research and present findings on three photographers for your prom, including price, quality, style, etc. Then the committee members would vote on the photographer they want at the prom. This ensures everyone has a say on how your prom money is spent!

7) Team Building: Start each meeting with a fun game or icebreaker! Members will feel more inclined to get along once they know each other. You can even plan a weekend event, such as ice-skating or a barbecue, to further encourage teamwork.

8) Faculty Help: Work with one or two faculty members to mediate delicate situations. They can sit in on meetings, help direct discussions, and give you advice. Many faculty members would love to share their wisdom with you!

9) Previous Members: Track down committee members from previous proms and ask them for pointers. They’ve been through it, and are sure to have a few tips for you.

10) Email Service: Don’t forget to contact us for Prom themes, products, and ideas! We have more than 80 years of experience in the Prom business and would love to help you plan the Prom of your dreams. Best of all – it’s FREE!

2 responses to “Keeping the Peace on Your Prom Committee

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