Decorate for Your Prom with Gossamer

Gossamer is a perfect decorating material for your prom! It’s versatile, beautiful and available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures to match your color schemes and themes. You can use gossamer fabric to decorate your walls, ceilings, tables and more.

Covering Walls with Gossamer
Any type of wall surface can be covered with gossamer material. Gossamer looks best if slightly stretched and pleated. Pleat each gossamer strip to 1/2 its original width. Fasten the gossamer to a wall or run a wire at the top and bottom of the wall. Attach the wires at each end with a screw eye.

Complement the look with soft lighting via suspended lanterns staggered at different heights, some charming lamp posts, or other party lighting from Stumps.

Create Ceiling-to-Floor Gossamer “Columns”
Use 60” wide gossamer for these columns. For each column, you will use between three to five strips of gossamer, depending on how wide you want the column to be.

Take the end of the gossamer roll and attach it to the ceiling with double-sided tape or folded duct tape (this will create the center of the column). At floor-length, roll out an additional 3’-5’ of gossamer before cutting it. (You want excess length to belt and bunch the gossamer later.) Have someone hold the strip flat and straight at the bottom. Repeat the process for the side strips, and angle them into the center strip. Gather all the strips together at the middle.

Tie a piece of gossamer around the middle of the column to “belt” it.

Fluff the ends of the column and allow them to puddle on the floor, or cut them to your desired length.

Transform a Ceiling into Gossamer Waves
Strips of 60″ or 107″ wide gossamer of any length can be swagged across a room from one side to the other. If you cannot fasten the gossamer directly to the walls, attach wires along two opposite walls. Use screw eyes to hold the wires. A wire on each side of a room will allow you to create a single swag of gossamer from one side to another. An additional wire down the center of the room, parallel to the two side wires, will create a double swag. Three equally spaced wires will create four swags, and so on.

At the outside walls, pleat or gather the gossamer to 1/2 its original width for the best appearance.

Strips of any width gossamer can also be attached to all four walls and woven in and out (basket-like) for an unusual ceiling treatment.

Check out our “How to Decorate with Gossamer” book for more tips!

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