Fundraising Basics and Great Prom Fundraisers

NSpirit T-Shirtseed a fundraising boost? We’re here to help! Below are some tips to help you get the most participation and money from your events, sales, and activities. With a little organization and lots of dedication, bringing in the cash can be as simple and fun!

Schedule your fundraising activities well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to advertise and prepare for the events.

Before any fundraising event, post flyers around school and give one to each student.

Send flyers home to each parent through the mail.

For some of your fundraisers, hold contests between students. Award the top ten students who either sell the most or get the most people to attend the fundraising event.

Get sponsors from the community. In exchange for their help in promoting your events, you can include your sponsors’ names or logos on new fliers.

Make a deal with your local newspaper or radio station to help you promote your fundraising efforts. In exchange, hang their banners in your school and/or at big sporting events!

1. Ask local restaurants or stores if you can post your fundraising flyers in their establishment.
2. Contact local grocery stores. Have them help advertise your events in ad flyers or at their check-out lines.
3. Make fundraising announcements at each home game and handout flyers at the front gate.
4. Keep a chart at the school entrance tracking the money earned versus your goal. Or, make announcements during school and tell students how much money you have raised to-date.


To help you along the way, we’ve compiled some of our “tried and true” ideas for successful fundraisers. Put your own spin on them and personalize them to fit your school and style. After that, sit back, relax, and watch the cash roll in!

Sell Your Services

No products needed – just willing and able students! Compile a list of volunteers, along with their “donated” service (such as raking, painting, etc.) and fee, which goes straight to the school’s pocket. Distribute the list to staff, parents, alumni, and others in the community and watch the money add up.

Say Cheese!

Hire a photographer for a day of family portraits. Advertise to the students and the surrounding community. Many photography studios have special fundraising packages which give your customers low rates – and your Prom committee nice profits!

Pet Pageant

Calling all canines and felines! Give the students and community a chance to show off their precious pets by hosting a pageant. Have a panel of “judges,” several competitions (including beauty and talent!), and a prize for the winners (doggie bones and catnip should suffice). The entry fees are yours to keep!

Ice Cream Social

We all scream for ice cream! Now you can scream with delight at the profits you’ll make at an ice cream social. Provide a variety of different ice cream flavors and toppings for the ultimate sundae experience.

Prom Fashion Show

Don’t be behind the fashion times! Host a “cutting-edge” fashion show full of pretty prom dresses, fabulous tuxes and all the latest accessories. Have department stores, boutiques, men’s clothing stores and hair salons contribute their products and services for the event. You’ll all benefit from the big night – they’ll get a chance to display their latest styles and you’ll be fabulously hip on the night of your Prom.

Art Fair

Have an Art Fair at your school for students, parents and community members to attend. Ask your school Art Department to donate their work to the fair. Include paintings, drawings, pottery, and other masterpieces.

Free-Throw Contest

Have a free-throw contest at half time during school basketball games. Sign up your participants prior to the game, and ask local merchants to sponsor the event and provide prizes to winners.

Prom Endowment Fund

Former students from your school will surely recall how difficult it was to raise money for their proms. See if your school alumni will be willing to help establish a Prom Endowment Fund. Write letters to alumni to help start the fund, and work with a local financial institution to get the fund started.

Spaghetti Supper

Everybody loves pasta! Transform your school gym into an Italian Trattoria for the night and let the fun begin. Include a variety of sauces and noodle styles for your spaghetti. Add salad and garlic bread for the finishing touches.

Nintendo Tournament

Most guys you know can probably spend hours playing this game. Take advantage of this, and set up an all-night (or all-weekend) Nintendo Tournament in your school gym. Charge a fee for participants and get ready for the games to begin!

Music Sale

You’ve probably seen the steep prices record stores charge for used CDs. Now you can follow their lead and sell old albums, cassettes and CDs! Ask students to donate their old music, and watch the profits roll in for your prom.


Get in shape and raise funds at the same time. It sounds like a win/win fundraiser to us! This is a fundraiser that the whole family can participate in, so be sure to hold it on a weekend.

Imprinted Wearables

Here’s a fun and spirited way to raise money for Prom. Sell hats and Prom t-shirts imprinted with your school mascot and the slogan of your choice. Students love to have tons of t-shirts from their school activities!

Sadie Hawkins Dance

For this theme dance, make sure all students understand the rules – it’s the girls’ turn to ask the guys to the dance – a twist that will spice up the event! You’ll raise cash and have a fun evening at the same time.

Razor Head!

Get the stage ready to shave a Prom Advisor’s head and charge students $10 to watch the fun. You’ll be surprised just how popular this event can be! If your Prom Advisor is reluctant to shave his/her head, you can opt to give them a hair cut instead.

Local Celebrity Visit

Is there a local celebrity in your town … a sports figure, actor, musician or politician? If so, ask the celebrity to visit your school. Have people pay to have their photo taken with the celebrity and get their autograph.

3 responses to “Fundraising Basics and Great Prom Fundraisers

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  2. My school is in need to raise enough money for prom. I really like some of these school fundraising ideas. Hopefully, by adapting a few of these ideas, we will be able to have the prom that the Senior Class deserves.

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