How-to: Choose a Prom Photographer

A Night in Vegas ArchBooking the right photographer for your Prom is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The keys are to start early, know what you want, and ask the right questions.

The “yellow pages” of your local phone book is a great place to start your search. Look under “Portrait” photographers (not “Commercial”). Unless the listings are terrifically long, a good strategy is just to phone all of the photographers and screen them. Ask the following:

  • Do they work Proms? How many Proms have they done?
  • Are they available on the scheduled date and times?
  • What are their rates?
  • What kinds of packages do they offer?

These preliminaries will help you narrow the field — especially if price is a priority consideration for you. Schedule visits with the remaining, strong candidates and ask more detailed questions, such as:

  • Can they work with our backdrop, or will they provide a suitable backdrop?
  • What type of camera do they use? (A medium format camera provides a better quality photo than a 35mm.)
  • During the visit, check out examples of the photographer’s work. The subjects should look natural and relaxed. Another indicator is how you feel talking with them. It’s a very good sign if you feel natural and relaxed, too!

    Hope these guidelines help! And if you are planning to build your own photo backdrop, be sure to shop Stumps Party’s Event Dรฉcor pages for the perfect set pieces to match your theme.

    Check out the following site to search for photographers in your area:

    Global Photographers Search

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