Prom Wishes Come True with Star Theme Decorations

By the Light of the Moon KitWe know how hard it can be to transform your gym or hall into a magical wonderland for your Prom. A decorating kit is a fantastic start, but how do you complete the entire look and feel?

Trust Stumps Prom & Party to help you! We have been creating magical settings since 1926. Our team of decorating experts has developed Design-a-Prom™ to walk you through the entire decorating process!

Here are suggestions for a star theme. We used the By the Light of the Moon Kit and the Make it Last Forever Kit in the following example. Keep in mind that you are not limited to using just the decorations in one kit – you can also incorporate components from other kits for even more options.

1. Entrance
The perfect entrance begins with an archway that will transport guests to their magical evening! Start by placing our By the Light of the Moon tunnel a few feet from the main entrance. Then hang several silver premium metallic foil curtains in the doorway for the guests to walk through. Adhere a set of open stars to the curtain strand for a dazzling effect!

2. Basic Canvas: Floor, Walls & Ceiling
Next, you need to create an inviting pathway that will lead guests inside! Start by covering your floor with black seamless paper.  Then add a path of silver metallic paper with a strip of black seamless paper down the middle of the silver paper to add dimension and shimmer! Sprinkle silver star confetti all over your floors – especially around the dance floor area.

Dress up walls with a black Star Patterned Poly Vinyl or black seamless paper. Attach some of our open stars to the walls. Create stunning wall accents on both sides of your room using hanging black with giant silver star gossamer and twinkle lights in the ray style. Add silver meteor showers to the walls for some movement.

Star Decorating Plan Create a stunning ceiling in your room with gossamer! String twinkle lights between two lengths of a black Star Gossamer and cut waves at the bottom of the gossamer to add interest. Hang our open stars from the gossamer or ceiling using monofilament line (available at hardware stores). Place them at different heights and be sure to hang them high enough so that they do not interfere with guests.

3. Dance Floor
Create an “entrance” to your dance floor with one of our arches. Next, section off your dance floor perimeter by placing our columns at each corner. Continue your celestial theme by arranging different sizes of our stars and metallic balloons around the dance area. 

4. Tables
Cover tables with black plastic table covers and put silver star table covers over the black table cover. Next, add our prismatic stars centerpiece to each table. Surround each centerpiece with a sprinkling of our silver star confetti, silver sparkle powder, and black metallic shred. Use our black plastic plates and cups. You can also choose black personalized napkins with a silver imprint or silver napkins with a black imprint. For a unique napkin holder, use black and silver milky way garland by tying a small piece of garland around each napkin. Use your star favors, such as the star stem flute, the charming star frame, and the shooting star key tag to add a decorative touch to your tables. Be sure to display them at each place setting. Don’t forget to decorate the chairs! Tie a bow with 19″ silver metallic gossamer.

5. Photo Setting
Create a romantic photo setting against one of the walls of the room. Start by covering the wall with silver shimmera. Then place our Light of the Moom Staircase in front of the shimmera. Place silver mylar star balloons around the area and accent them with black deeptone balloons. Cover the floor with black poly vinyl.

6. Stage/DJ Area
Dress up the stage area up by using our black with silver stars table skirting to trim the edges of the stage. Add metallic balloons around the floor in front of the stage. Create a sense of depth and light behind the stage with our gossamer ray design. Place several stars in various sizes around the stage and hang Forever Clouds above the stage.

7. Corners
Place our Balloon Clouds in corners of the room to catch your guests’ attention and dress up the room.

8. Accents & Extras
Under the Stars Kit 
Die-Cut Stars
Glow in the Dark Stars
Gossamer Streamers
Heavenly Night Booklet
Metallic Star Luminaria
Star Border
Star Netting 
White Balustrades
Blue Star Premium Decorating Pack

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