Planning Tips for a Fun-Filled Post-Prom

Hollywood Post-Prom Planning a Post-Prom can be as time consuming as planning the Prom itself! Prom committees usually seek the help of parents or underclassmen to assist them with this event. At schools where the Juniors host the Prom, the Seniors will often host the Post-Prom. Whatever the case, the Post-Prom is a great party after the main event. It keeps Prom attendees together in a safe and fun environment, and keeps the momentum going for a few more hours.

Below are some tips for planning your Post-Prom event.
• Form a subcommittee to work with the hosts (parents, seniors, etc.) of your Post-Prom. These students can relay information between the hosts and the Prom committee.
• Brainstorm on theme ideas. Some schools continue with their Prom theme while others choose a new theme. Keep in mind that students want to party at their Post-Prom, so fun themes (Luau, Mardi Gras) usually work better than more serious themes.
• Choose your Post-Prom location. Lots of schools have the event somewhere other than the Prom location, such as a local YMCA or bowling alley. Make sure the location is big enough to accommodate all the students and offers enough activities to keep everyone entertained.
• Arrange Post-Prom transportation if the event is not at the Prom location. You can have students arrange their own transportation, offer rides with chaperones, or even charter a bus or van.
• Plan enough entertainment to keep the students occupied. This is fairly easy if you hold the event at a sports complex, amusement park, or other location that offers specific activities. If you decide to have the Post-Prom in your school gym, be sure to have plenty of games, sports, movies, and other entertainment available for students.
• Establish rules and expectations for students who attend the Post-Prom (such as not leaving the Post-Prom location and being alcohol-free during the night). Have each student sign and turn in a typed copy of these expectations a few weeks before the Prom. State that disciplinary action will be taken against any student who breaks the Post-Prom rules.
• Finish the Post-Prom event with a light breakfast and a small favor for each guest!

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