Arrive at the Prom in Style with Transportation Tips

Prom Transporation TipsYou don’t need to be a Hollywood star to ride in style! There are many fun and affordable ways to get to and from the Prom. These include a limo, the family car, a rented van, a luxury bus, and even a horse-drawn carriage! With a little creativity, your transportation options are limitless – even when your budget isn’t.

The primary concern, no matter what form of transportation you choose, is safety. Most often the safest option is to have someone else do the driving. Make sure that the person is a qualified driver with a limo company or similar business. Companies who provide transportation for Proms are interested in providing you with the safest option for your prom night. When you are contracting for transportation be sure to get an after-hours phone number of someone at the company that you can call in case you have a problem. When the driver gets to your house, have him or her meet the folks and make sure that everyone is comfortable.

Know Your Plans
When you are making reservations for Prom transportation, it is best to know your plans for the evening beforehand. Many of the above options have variables of time and/or mileage that might enter into the pricing structure. So, if you spend a little time up-front with your fellow passengers, you might save some time negotiating your transportation deal.

This is the classic choice for the majority of Prom-goers! Limos are super-stylish and help create a special and exciting atmosphere for your evening. The standard cost for a limo for the evening starts around $400 – but there are ways to keep this cost down! A stretch limo can seat from six to ten people (some can even seat twelve), so get together with other couples and share the ride – and the bill.

If you do plan to rent a limo, book it early! Around prom time, limos are in demand and you want to make sure that you have reserved one. Be sure to check to see that the limousine service is licensed by the state. Otherwise, there have been many horror stories about limo drivers deserting passengers, asking for more money the evening of the prom, or not showing up at all if they get a better fare. Research the references of the service meticulously!

Family Car
The family car is always an option. It costs nothing and can be more convenient than a rental. If you consider this option, ask an older brother or sister, an aunt or uncle to be the chauffeur for the evening. This will give you and your date a chance to relax and enjoy being together!

Rented Van with Driver
Want to travel with lots of friends? Many bus companies have smaller buses and vans that they rent out with their driver. These vehicles can handle from 14 to about 30 people, making the cost per person very affordable.

Luxury Bus
For a unique and exciting ride – go all out with a rented luxury bus. This vehicle usually seats about 50 people, so it’s like carrying your own party on the road! The cost of the vehicle for the night might be high, but the cost per person should be very reasonable. It also makes it easy for everyone to get to the Post-Prom activities.

Horse-Drawn Carriage
A horse-drawn carriage is an incredibly romantic idea for your Prom night. If the Prom site is close to your home, and you’re willing to fork over some cash, this option can be a dream come true! The horses usually have a top speed of about 7 miles a hour, so make sure the company can get you to your Prom in plenty of time.

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