Decorating Your Prom on a Tight Budget

Decorating on a BudgetWe know that no matter how much money you raise, it never seems like enough! That’s why we’ve done our best to find good quality decorating products that are priced to provide you with the evening of your dreams- even with your limited funds.

Of course, the best solution of all is always found in your own creativity. Figuring out ways to raise money, stretch materials, and get great donations is the primary goal of a Prom planning committee. Don’t be afraid to consult the theatre department, local country club, or a wedding consultant. What have they done to save money in the past? Do they have any old materials you could use?

And, most important of all, let your own talents serve as free labor! Have artistic committee members paint your own personalized setting on some mammoth seamless paper, instead of worrying about an expensive backdrop, or have your best writers design your imprinted booklet, making it personal and unique!
Here are a few of our best suggestions that should spur your creative juices, and get you started on the track to creative and efficient decorating!

• For economy and versatility, nothing beats gossamer! Not only is it the most romantic and stylish fabric, it is absolutely perfect for covering walls, floors, ceilings, tables, and more! Best of all, we offer every imaginable color and pattern- at the best prices available – guaranteed!

• Don’t be afraid to substitute and evolve your original ideas as needed. One good example of this: One year, a high school in Michigan had planned on building a HUGE 3-D castle backdrop in a grand ballroom to create the medieval Prom of their dreams. As time grew close, they realized that they did not have the resources for such a grand undertaking. Instead of growing frustrated or giving up, they simply adapted their vision a little. Instead of renting a ballroom, they held the Prom in their gym, which they creatively transformed into the interior walls of a castle with our flagstone patterned corrugated paper and flat paper. As each guest entered, they found themselves surrounded by a medieval structure that appeared far more impressive than the original plan would have been. This kind of ingenuity is what makes the best ideas come to life!

• If possible, think about holding your Prom outdoors. Finding a picture-perfect garden setting is a great way to start off the decorations! Let nature be your backdrop – and we bet that selecting natural colors to accent your tables will be a breeze!

Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! Nothing says party like balloons – and few things decorate so much space so economically! Use them to fill the ceiling overhead, tie them to the backs of chairs, and use smaller ones to create festive centerpieces, and release them with a special message at the end of the night! Need we say more?

Streamers were probably the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of decorating, so why did you dismiss them so quickly? Streamers are a decorating standard for three reasons: they are truly inexpensive, their size makes them very easy to work with, and their uses are only limited by your imagination! Need we tell you that streamers can easily be swagged, twisted, and tied to fit every space, theme, and decorating dilemma? We didn’t think so!

Now get going! With some real creativity and imagination, the night of your dreams is well within your grasp. Whether you have the money or not, you do have the tools to create the beautiful evening you’ve dreamed of!

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