Mid-Year Prom Check Up

The school year’s half way over and the Prom is getting closer. Once spring semester starts the big day will be here faster than you’d think. It’s a good idea to have a big meeting with your prom committee before everyone heads home for the holidays to make sure your prom planning is still on track!

By this point you should have created a budget for the prom. Review your spending and fundraising up to this point. How good of financial shape are you in? Go over the budget with the treasurer and remind each subcommittee of the budget restrictions. Checking things as you go along will make paying the bills easier in the end.

You should also have selected a date for the prom and be well on your way to booking a location.

If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, you’ll probably want to get that done before the holiday recess. That way you can get decorations designed and ordered as soon as possible and start advertising when the new semester begins!

If you haven’t reached fundraising goals yet, plan some new fundraisers for the next term so you can get your prom paid for! Check out our fundraising tips for tons of ideas.

Choose your caterer and decide on the menu for your dinner. Be sure to have multiple choices for entrees and a vegetarian option available. 

Create a guest list for the event. Will it be juniors and seniors or just the senior class? Which faculty members will you invite? Who will chaperone?

Book the band or DJ for your event. Music is essential to your dance, so be sure to choose carefully and early.

Plan the post-prom or set up a parent’s committee to plan this portion of the event.

Select and hire a photographer. Many couples will want professional photographs taken, or you can have photos taken of each couple to be placed in your prom favors.

If you get these steps completed or at least underway before you head off for vacation, you’ll be able to rest easier and you won’t have a prom disaster to come back to!

Check out our huge selection of prom tips to help you get through the meeting!

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