Adorn Prom Royalty in Regal Attire

Grandiose ComboOnce you’ve picked your prom court, adorn your Prom Queen and King in tiaras, crowns, sashes, medals and other royalty items!

There are tons of options for your tiaras. Try a large rhinestone tiara for the queen and a small tiara for each lady on the prom court. There’s a huge selection of tiaras available in styles ranging from floral, Greek-inspired, traditional, and whimsical.

For your king try a Velvet Royal Embroidered Crown customized with an embroidered imprint. You can also order a crown for each gentleman on the court or present them with medals to commemorate their honors.

Sashes are the perfect way to distinguish the prom royalty. Have sashes personalized with the year and prom theme or school name. Sashes are available either screen printed or embroidered. Sashes are even available with matching buttons to pin them in place.

Scepters are an elegant way to top off the royal attire. Scepters can be engraved with the king or queen’s name, the school, or the prom year.

Royalty Combos are available full of tiaras, crowns, sashes and other royalty items perfect for saving big money and coronating your royalty in style. Check out our other royalty tips for more ideas!

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