Planning Your Prom Court

The key to a successful Prom Court is organization! Honor your future King and Queen by getting an early start on your court elections and planning.

• Establish a Prom Court committee to oversee all the details of the Prom nominations and court.
• At leProm Royaltyast two months before the Prom, hold general nominations for the Prom Court. Allow each member of the student body to place a vote. Allow them to nominate three male members of the junior/senior class for King and three female members of the junior/senior class for Queen. (Depending on the size of your class, you may nominate more than three.)
• Create posters announcing the upcoming nominations. Put these up around school at least a week before the nominations take place.
• Create a special ballot for the nominations and set up voting tables in the cafeteria. Hold two days of voting to allow for maximum participation.
• Count up the votes and arrange for a faculty member to sit in during the counting. This will prevent any questions about the nominations.
• Once the nominations are tallied, announce the winners. You will want to announce the top three nominees for Prom King and Queen.
• Purchase tiaras, crowns and royal scepters for the Prom Queen and King. You will also want to purchase items for the other members of the court, such as smaller tiaras and crowns that complement the ones for the King and Queen. You’ll find everything you need for your entire Prom Court on our Prom Royalty pages!
• Hold elections for the Prom King and Queen about three weeks before the big night. Again, set up posters around school advertising the elections. Announce the elections over the P.A. system or during your school assembly.
• Allow each student to vote for the King and Queen. Be sure to list the three nominees in each category on the voting ballot. Do not allow “write in” votes. Indicate that these will be disqualified. This will help you reach a more accurate result. Again, you will want to have two days of voting to ensure maximum participation.
• On the day of Prom, purchase a beautiful arrangement of flowers for the Prom Queen and a complementary corsage for the Prom King.
• At your dance, announce the Prom Court members. Then play some special music and announce your Prom King and Queen! Crown all the winners and present them with their tiaras, crowns and flowers. Allow the King and Queen to say a few words and then (with the rest of the court) parade around your dance site!

One response to “Planning Your Prom Court

  1. Instead of paper voting, you could use Ecoballot online voting to vote for prom court. It’s much easier and faster. No need for counting or tallying, and no worry about tampering with the ballots.

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