Advertise and Decorate Prom with Memories Mural

Personal Photo Memories Mural

Looking for a unique and wonderful way to make your Prom or event stand out from the rest? A Personal Photo Memories Mural is just what you are looking for!

Choose a dazzling design, add your wording and information, and we’ll create a colossal 11′ x 5′ mural that perfectly matches your event theme! Or, supply your photo and design and we’ll create a Personal Photo Memories Mural!

Great Ways to Use Your Customized Memories Murals:

1. Have several teasers before announcing your Prom or event. Choose one vibrant design and add riddle-like wording. For example, for your Parisian-themed event, have a series of five murals that lead up to the big night. The first could simply say, “The Land of Love”. The second could include another hint, and the final mural could announce the event name, time, and location. Then, hang all of the murals at your event!

2. Honor your Prom Court! Send photos of your Prom Queen and King candidates and a layout, and we’ll create a mural that can be displayed in hallways the week of your Prom. Students will know who is who when voting on the royal couple!

3. Embarrass the birthday boy or girl with a mural of their younger years! For even more fun, send us several photos from different milestone years and create a timeline of murals! Great for 1st, Sweet 16, 30th, 40th, and other big birthdays!

4. Flashback at reunions! Photos of you and your high school friends will translate into lots of laughs when made mural size and hung at your high school reunion.

We cannot reproduce registered, copyrighted, trademarked or professional images (unless a copyright release is submitted with a photographer, studio or artist’s signature). We reserve the right to request a copyright release at any time, or to decline use of a photo. Stumps will not crop, alter or color manage any photographs for reproduction. Your photo will be used as submitted.

All murals have a white border and do not extend to the edge of the paper. Specify wording for each section. You may select any typestyle for your mural.

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