Add A Touch of Class to your City Theme Prom

If you’re A Touch of Class Theme Kit hosting a prom with a city theme, add a dash of metropolitan high-style with the A Touch of Class decorating kit. There are tons of beautiful decorations, favors and prom supplies to fit the classy city theme. Here are our tips for hosting A Touch of Class theme prom.

Start your decorating with the deluxe version of this kit. The deluxe kit includes tons of beautiful focal point decorations such as a bridge, three buildings, a New York backdrop, a New York skyscraper and a building standee. Set the decorations up to create the scene of a lighted city skyline.

Create a backdrop for your theme kit using solid color flat paper decorating material in orange or black stardust patterned flat paper. Cover the walls and then set up the New York backdrop. Create a stunning effect by putting twinkle light strings in streaks from the ceiling to the floor behind the backdrop. Add colorful metallic streamers in silver behind each twinkle light strand to catch the light. The effect will be a series of city searchlights that will make the city theme kit really pop.

Advertise for your prom or designate specific areas such as coat check and photos with customized banners and murals. The Big Apple at night personalized photo mural is a great choice. It coordinates with the backdrop to the A Touch of Class kit and highlights the city theme.

A photo setting is an important part of your prom decorating. A beautiful setting makes for a beautiful prom photo. For the A Touch of Class theme, use one or more of the included buildings. Add some gossamer or a metallic curtain to dress up the decorations. Beware of using plants or lampposts in your photo setting as they will really throw off the scale of your skyscrapers!

Memory booklets are another great way to preserve your prom memories. The skyline booklet is a great choice for this theme. It features a mod-looking city skyline with white on black text of your custom wording. There’s also a matching invitation. You can personalize the inside of your memory booklets with your custom wording and layout. Check out Stumps Party’s booklet ideas page for examples of what to include in your booklet.

Don’t forget prom favors. They’re a great way to send students home with a special treasure from their prom night. Customize your choice of hundreds of options—glassware favors, picture frames, mint boxes, photo albums—with your prom slogan and logo.

Check out our other prom planning tips and tell us about your Touch of Class themed prom!

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