Add a Whimsical Touch with a Castle in the Clouds Theme Prom

Castle in the Clouds Kit Add a whimsical touch to your prom theme with a Castle in the Clouds themed prom. This prom theme is perfect for a prom that’s not too serious but still makes a big impression.

Start off your decorating with the Castle in the Clouds kit. The kit includes everything you need to transform your prom into a romantic event in the sky: a castle in the clouds arch, a castle in the clouds, a rainbow bridge and a rainbow arch.

Accent your kit with a balloon cloud consisting of 96 clear and white latex balloons illuminated with twinkle lights. In addition, the castle in the clouds columns featuring silver metallic toppers, holographic streamers and glitter are great for filling out your theme kit too. The columns are available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ tall styles. Stumps Party makes it easy to bring it all together as the columns and balloon clouds appear on the very same page through which you will order your kit.

Create an ethereal backdrop for your themed decorations. Use white gossamer to create sweeping drapes from the ceiling to the floor. Incorporate Stumps Party three strand swag lights to create a brilliant effect. Add a perfect horizon to your backdrop by adding the castle in the clouds wall in front of the gossamer drape. It will hide the spot where your decorations attach to the floor and will create the silhouette of a castle wall horizon.

To finish your themed decorations and prom supplies, pair the Castle in the Clouds theme with traditional fairytale theme supplies. Create a floor to match your backdrop by making pools of gossamer and by adding clear crystal latex balloons and white bright tone latex balloons. If you decide there can be proper roads in the clouds use cobblestone corrugated paper. This can also be used to create walkways around your castle and to decorate the walls. Use dark blue metallic eyelash fabric and/or silver metallic eyelash fabric to create rivers beneath the kit’s rainbow bridge. The metallic material will shimmer in the light and reflect the colors of the rainbow. It’ll be beautiful!

For your tables, cover them in a metallic silver or a sheer white material. Add Stumps Party castle confetti to reflect even more light. Top off the table with either the glitter castle centerpiece or the fairytale castle centerpiece which even has room for a votive candle. The castles in those centerpieces will be a perfect accent to your theme.

Build up anticipation for your enchanting prom with the help of personalizable banners. You might like the horizontal castle banner or the vertical dream come true banner. Stumps Party not only offers a great variety of banner styles and sizes from which to choose but even lets you choose between latex or self-stick banners. In addition to using these banners for promotional purposes you can also order banners for designating special areas such as coat check and photos the evening of the prom.

Another way to capture prom memories is with memory booklets. The castle booklet is a perfect choice for this theme. It includes a castle silhouette on the cover and a tassel to hold the booklet together. You can customize the inside with your own content and layout.

Remember favors! There are tons of frames, candles, glassware items, keytags and other great keepsakes that you can customize with your slogan, prom details and logo. Check them out and have fun designing awesome favors your prom guests will love.

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