Set Your Prom in the Glamour of Premiere Night

A Night at the Premiere Kit Hollywood is a really popular and stylish prom theme. A Night at the Premiere Kit is a great new theme kit for Hollywood proms in 2011!

The kit includes a Night at the Premiere Hollywood Arch, a set of stairs, two large banners, a beautiful premiere entrance, a palm tree set, and an accent shrub. Accent your theme kit with 3-D stars lit by the included strands of twinkle lights and decorative film strips.

Embellish your theme kit with other Hollywood-themed decorations such a 3-D film reels, Hollywood balloons, Paparazzi Silhouettes, red aisle runners, a theater marquee, a Hollywood camera, or film reels.

Create a perfect backdrop with an LA Sunset Background Illustration or a Black Starlit Night Scene Setter. For a multi-layered look, use red and black gossamer and the Hollywood Hills silhouette. Add some film rolls and Hollywood balloons to really fill out the look.

Use Premium Hollywood Banners to advertise for your prom or to designate special areas like coat check and photos. Add your own wording to the banners for a customized look. The Theater Marquee can also be personalized for a really spectacular entrance.

Create a fantastic photo setting using the Custom Creation Hollywood Arch or Hollywood Photo Setting. Creating a great photo setting is a perfect way for ensuring great prom photos. Students and parents alike will appreciate the decorations.

Check out our other Hollywood Prom Tips for more decorating ideas!

Capture the memories of prom with the traditional memory booklets. There are several patterns to match your theme including palm trees, stars, and the Hollywood Confetti Booklet. Customize the cover of your booklet with your prom details and add your own contents and layout to the inside. There are invitations and tickets to match many memory booklets too!

Favors are the perfect way to add a parting memory to your prom. There are tons of favors to match a Hollywood theme. Try hand-painted glassware with a film strip on it or customized keytags, candles, frames, photo albums, or favor combos! You can add your own wording or logo to the favors.

Tell us about your Hollywood prom!

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