Whisk Students off to a Paris Destination Prom

Toujours Kit Paris is a popular and romantic prom theme and you can create a fun, whimsical twist on the theme for your prom with the Toujours Paris Decorating Kit. It’s perfect for setting your prom in the midst of a Parisian sidewalk café.

Start creating your scene with the Boulevard Romance Café made out of sturdy cardboard and standing 9’ high by 15’ wide. It creates a wonderful focal point. Next, add the Boulevard Romance Awning and the Boulevard Romance Sign to create the sidewalk portion of your romantic Paris café. Create a courtyard in the foreground with a Paradise Fountain and a city street light.

Create the backdrop of your setting with the Eiffel Tower Mural Standee, Arc de Triomphe Mural Standee and Notre Dame Mural Standee stood in front of the European Skyline silhouette. All of the above decorations are included in the Toujours Kit.

Accent the kit with red flat paper behind your skyline to make the other decorations really pop. Layer cobblestone flat paper under the decorations in your sidewalk café to complete the look. Add more streetlights, plants, balloons and twinkle lights to make the whole look more complete.

Check out more ideas for your Paris themed prom on our Paris Event Theme pages.

Set up a photo setting to make your students’ prom photos perfect souvenirs. The Le Jardin Arc de Triomphe is just the thing. Students will love having their photos taken with this landmark.

Another way to make prom memories last longer is with memory booklets. The Parisian Romance Booklet is a great option. You can personalize them with your own wording, content and layout. For samples, check our Booklet Ideas page.

There are tons of favors too! Send students off at the end of the night with personalized picture frames featuring Eiffel Towers on them. Other ideas include mint tins, photo albums, glassware, or keytags—all of which can be customized!

Tell us about your Toujours Prom!

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