Talk to Students Early About Prom Safety

 It’s never too early to talk to your students about safety on prom night. Prom should be a time that they enjoy, but it also is crucial that students are urged to be safe and  make good decisions. No one wants their prom night to be remembered for an accident or a choice they’ll live to regret.

As soon as the buzz about prom starts to build, begin reminding students about the consequences of risky behaviors. Setting up a campaign for prom safety can be easy, fun and really effective.

Create a Prom Promise committee to have students sign the Prom Promise pledge when they buy their prom tickets. You can create a display of the pledge to support those who sign and show some positive peer pressure or have a raffle with great prizes, entering the names of students who sign the Prom Promise.

If your school has an A/V or TV program have a contest for the best student created PSA. Air the advertisements on your school announcements and have the school vote for the best or most effective entry.

Consider having a parent or a police officer effected by a drunk driving accident come in to talk about their experiences. Many parents are willing do this so no other families have to go through what they have. Police officers often make very effective speakers on the issue too. This is a really powerful way to get the message across to your students in a way that will make it stick with them.

Some schools choose to have a car that’s been in a crash on display near the school in the month or week leading up to prom, to keep the negative possibilities in students minds.

Remember, cautioning students may feel like putting a damper on their enthusiasm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keeping the process open and conversational (but firm) will make the message stronger and take some of the pressure off. Just remember, it’s important to talk to students early and often so they can have plenty of safe fun on prom night!

One response to “Talk to Students Early About Prom Safety

  1. Tommy Bradford

    Promoting a proactive approach to this problem is a great idea. Parents must be responsible for teaching their high school aged children that they can have fun without involving drugs or alcohol. Another great idea for parents is to offer to host a party where kids can enjoy themselves in a safe environment without having to be surrounded by their peers who choose to use alcohol.

    Prom Promises are a great ice-breaker to introduce the topic of celebrating prom sober. Discussing why it is important that they commit to the promise and clearly illustrating the consequences of alcohol abuse are a great way to educate our youth. The Nationwide THINK Prom Promise Campaign is a program designed to help prevent teen drinking at prom and throughout the rest of the year.

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