Celebrate the Moment with an “As Time Goes By” Theme Prom

As Time Goes By KitProm is a special time and for many students it’s the last big time together before graduation night. So, time is naturally a classic prom theme. As Time Goes By is a new theme for 2008 that captures the timelessness of prom with columns, arches, and other elegant accents. Your As Time Goes By themed prom will be planned in no time with these tips!

To capture the whole look, use the As Time Goes By Decoration Kit. The kit includes an As Time Goes By Arch which stands over 11’ tall. Accent it with an As Time Goes By Clock. Also included are two small As Time Goes By Arches, over 10’ tall, a 2008 wire column and a prom wire column, each accented with twinkle lights and three cardboard silhouettes of dancing couples. The freestanding couples create a lovely throw-back to proms gone-by.

Accent your As Time Goes By kit with Modern Luminescent Columns. They’re made of beautiful white fabric and backlit with twinkle lights for a chic look that’s reminiscent of a diploma! Another great accent is the Time Goes by Clock. Place these clocks around the room, add them to columns, arches, around the dance floor and more! They emphasize the theme and look lovely!

Create a beautiful backdrop for your theme decorations using metallic royal blue jewel tone gossamer, metallic silver gossamer or star patterned gossamer. Drape gossamer from the ceiling in wide swooshes to the floor. It also looks good in “puddles” lining the dance floor or photo area. Check out our gossamer tips for more ideas!


Table decorations for this theme should be have a simple, classy design. You don’t need anything extravagant or complicated. We suggest covering your tables in black and/or white tablecovers and edging the table in black festooning. Scatter some silver star confetti over the surface and add the Timeless Clock Centerpiece to the top. Some simple votive candles make a nice touch. You can even customize them with your prom slogan and logo! Add black, silver or white tableware and you have a simply elegant and timeless looking table.

Photo Setting

Time may go by, but a picture can last forever. Prom pictures are a time-honored tradition, especially for mothers. Having a beautiful photo setting can make a big difference in how photos from your prom look in general. We suggest the clock face Time Stands Still Cut-Outs attached to a lighted wire arch or a set of giant silver numerals with the prom year. These photo settings and props will make your prom photos more special than the average snap-shot.

Memory Booklet

Memory booklets are another way to keep your treasured moments fresh in mind. Try the Prom Confetti Booklet for this theme. The black booklet is imprinted with your prom details on the cover and has your custom wording on the inside. Then, the booklet is slid into a clear cover filled with prom confetti and held together with a silver cord and tassel. Check out our Booklet Ideas for how to fill and design your memory booklet!


Clocks are natural favor for an As Time Goes By themed prom. There’s a huge selection of clocks, photo clocks and alarm clocks that can be personalized with your prom details or slogan and a logo. These favors are both functional and beautiful. Students will use them and remember prom for years to come.

Another great favor idea is a photo box, album or picture frame. These favors can also be personalized with your prom details.

Let us know about your time theme. We’d love to hear from you or answer your questions!

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