Ahoy! A Treasure Bay Theme Prom is Great for a Fun Event

Treasure Bay Theme KitSet sail for adventure and romance at your prom when you center the event around a Treasure Bay pirate theme. The Treasure Bay Decorating Kit includes stunning decorations for transporting your prom to a desert isle with a pirate ship on the horizon.

Create the focal point of your event by setting up the Treasure Bay Ship. The ship is made from cardboard and stands 8’ high x 16’ wide x 8’ deep and features hemp rope. You can personalize the stern of the ship for a cool effect. The masts are set up separately and stand 16’ high. They’re accented with gossamer and fishnet and fill out the appearance of your pirate ship.

Next, add the wire palm trees to create a fun tropical accessory. The Treasure Bay Columns create a the impression of being on an ocean-side dock. Accent your dock with lanterns and a treasure chest made of corrugated cardboard. The treasure chest measures 27” wide x 14” high and 17” deep and is a great place to put plants, spotlights or other accents like fishnet.

Fill out your decorations by creating a beach, ocean and backdrop. For the floor use yellow or beige colored flat paper to create a base that looks like sand. If you’re not worried too much about cleanup you can use real sand too. Use tissue grass mats to create a walkway or spots of green in the desert. To create the ocean, use blue gossamer or metallic decorating paper. Attach the fabric or paper to a wall or PVC pipe framework in a wave pattern. Behind this water place orange, yellow or black flat paper. A backdrop like the Tahitian Paradise Photo Mural is great for tying the whole look together.

The pirate ship setting makes a great setting for keepsake photos and the next step to making your prom keepsakes really memorable is memory booklets. For this theme we recommend the Island Dreams Booklet. It features a black palm tree on a gold and black cover and your personalized wording. Plus, you can customize the inside with your own contents. Check out our Booklet Ideas, too.

Finally, top it all off with prom favors! A pirate theme prom is a fun event so your favors should reflect that. Choose glassware favors, custom candles, picture frames or photo albums and personalize them with a palm tree logo and your prom details. There are tons of options for you to choose from!

Tell us about your pirate theme prom and decoration ideas!

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