Have a Roarin’ Fun Prom with an All That Jazz Theme

All That Jazz Theme KitRelive the fun and vivacious nature of the Roaring 20s for your prom with the All That Jazz Kit. This kit includes tons of awesome decorations for transforming your dance venue into a speakeasy perfect for having a night of roaring fun!

Start the decorating off by setting up the All That Jazz Backdrop. The 10’ high x 25’ wide backdrop creates a fantastic foundation to your Twenties-themed decorations. Place the backdrop in front of black or red gossamer draped from ceiling to floor in pleats to really make it pop.

Next, set up the All That Jazz Balustrade and the Bandstand with band members. The balustrade includes a light fixture (bulb not included) for creating a light effect. It’s also accented with gossamer for a full-soft look. The Bandstand is 94” high and 88” wide x 22” deep. Set it up with the mural and band members to create the impression of a live band playing the Charleston for you dance floor.

The Dancing Couple, Jazz Guy and Flapper silhouette standees make great accents to your balustrade and bandstand. Set them up around your 20’s scene to set the tone for your students. Make the final touches with the 20’s lamp post, car standee and for a really full look, add the jazz skyline to your backdrop.

To make prom memories last for years to come, try a beautiful memory booklet! For this theme we suggest one of our classic booklets imprinted with a 20’s themed logo and your prom slogan. Then, place each booklet inside the Top Hat Confetti Booklet Cover. It’s full of beautiful confetti and die-cut top hats. You can customize the inside of your booklets with your own content and layout for a totally personalized memento of prom night.

Finish it all off with a bang by handing out fantastic prom favors. Classic favors such as glassware candles, photo albums and picture frames are great for this theme. Imprint each favor with your own slogan and a dancing couple, jazz or music logo. Students will love them

Tell us about your Roaring Twenties or All That Jazz themed prom!

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