Take Your Destination Prom to the Jungle for an Enchanted Amazon

Enchanted Amazon KitTake your prom to the heart of the jungle with the Enchanted Amazon Kit. This kit includes decorations for creating a whole new world for your prom setting.

Start it all off with the Enchanted Amazon arch with butterfly. The wire arch is accented with twinkle lights and green gossamer with a cardboard butterfly attached. It makes a perfect focal point or entrance to your jungle themed prom. Pair it with a set of gossamer palm trees.

The next step is the waterfall. The waterfall is made of light blue water gossamer and twinkle lights and is draped over a cardboard structure making it stand 9 ½’ high and 9 1/2’ wide. It’s finished off with iridescent shred to add a sparkling finish.

You can’t have a jungle without animals! Add in the jungle frogs, toucan and butterfly for the last touch to the kit.

Add a canopy of green over your jungle kit using gossamer fabric in multiple shades of green. Use a staple gun to attach gossamer to a wooden ring. Make sure you measure the gossamer to check that it reaches the edges of your party space. Suspend the wooden ring from the ceiling and stretch the ends of the gossamer streamers to the sides of your venue and attach them there. This ceiling treatment creates a wild, fuller look.

Create a river leading away from the waterfall with blue metallic decorating material. Plenty of tissue grass mats create the jungle floor.

The Enchanted Amazon Arch makes a perfect setting for keepsake photos and you can take your prom memories to the next level with memory booklets. The memory booklet tradition started right here at Stumps Prom. For this theme, we suggest the Starburst Booklet . It’s available in black, blue or purple and features a silver starburst and your personalized wording on the cover. You can customize the inside with your own wording and layout.

Finish it all off with personalized prom favors. Keepsakes are a perfect way for students to treasure their prom memories. We suggest glassware, candles, or picture frames personalized with your prom slogan and logo.

Check out other jungle event themes or send us your questions.

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