Create a Magical Prom with the Enchanted Garden Kit

Enchanted Garden Theme KitTake your garden theme prom to a place of enchantment with the Enchanted Garden Kit! This kit will make your prom locale a gorgeous night in the garden.

The Enchanted Garden Kit includes a gazebo, garden wall, two rose trees, two ivy trees, two street lights, four mini street lights and two potted ivy plants.

Start your decorating by setting up the Gazebo. It creates a fantastic photo setting and focal point for your event. The gazebo measures 13’ high and 10’ wide and is accented by ivy rose garland.

Next, add the trees in assortment around the room. Place the street lights around the pathway, tables and gazebo. Don’t forget the potted plants for a pleasing touch.

Create the backdrop by using a star patterned flat paper to cover the walls. It creates the perfect starry setting for your enchanted garden. Use cobblestone flat paper to create a walkway and tissue grass mats to accent the path.

Create memory booklets for students to treasure their prom memories in. For this theme, we suggest the Botanical Beauty Rose Foil Booklet. It’ll include your school name or prom theme on the black and gold or silver cover featuring a single rose. You can customize the inside of the booklet with your own layout and contents too.

Finish the prom off with fantastic favors. There are hundreds of different favors you can have customized with your prom logo and slogan. Students will love classic favors such as glassware candles, photo albums, frames, or charm photo key tags for this prom theme.

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