Basics of Decorating Large Venues

If you are decorating a full-sized gymnasium or other very large space, two important considerations are coverage and scale.

Coverage relates to properly decorating to theme throughout the party space and creating a feeling of intimacy within the cavernous, industrial-type space.

Scale is about having decorations that add ambience but also help you tame the space and not the other way around! As you can imagine, the two goals overlap and interact.

Start your planning with ceiling and walls. Here you want to achieve very large, very grand effects to set the scene without breaking the budget.

For ceilings, we highly recommend stringing and draping strips of material because it’s a method for dropping and softening the ceiling for a more intimate feel, as well as for carrying the theme setting and colors in a way that cannot be denied! Strips of gossamer, a lightweight, nonwoven fabric, give an excellent drape for ceilings.

You can create a tent of gossamer strips suspended from a ring in the middle of the room and radiating out to all the corners and walls, or create undulating waves by draping the strips across suspended straight wires. Imagine the dancing beneath an ocean of blues and blue-green waves, on a star-lit garden path, or under the blue skies of an endless beach! The two photos accompanying this post illustrate each method for covering ceilings.

Carry gossamer’s softening effects by cascading streamers down the walls, or by covering walls with large panels. Or, consider wall coverage with corrugated or seamless paper. Corrugated papers of different shades can be cut and overlapped on walls to create distant landscapes such as hills or dunes, while our tough seamless or flat papers can cover large unsightly areas of walls or bleachers in plain colors or in “building” ancient castle entrances or garden walls.

Evaluate the floor plan for achieving similar theme carryover with your papers.

Freestanding decorations do not have to be overly numerous, but the large space will need a few strategically-placed large decorations and groups of decorations in your color scheme to set the scene dramatically at the entrance and to divide or set apart special areas. Depending on theme, think arches, columns, lamp posts, fountains and trees!

So there you have it: the basics of decorating large venues. There’s plenty more, so do watch for more posts on this subject, and happy decorating!

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