Unique Decorating Ideas for Livening Up Your Prom

Bored with the same old, same old decorating tricks? Try something new and exciting for your Prom this year. Here are several ideas for adding truly unique touches to your Prom decorating.

Add Shimmer to Favors
Dazzle guests with favors that sparkle. Present candles, frames, and other favors in our tote bags. Then fill the bags with metallic shred and tie them with ribbons made of Cracked Ice Streamers.

Build a Passage to Paradise
Transport guests to their magical night with a tunnel entrance. Use several decorative arches matching your theme to create the entrance. Alternatively, you can use PVC pipe to make the arches, covering them with gossamer and twinkle lights for a romantic effect.

Add Silhouettes to the Décor

From skylines to trees to dancing couples and jazz trios, silhouettes are a snazzy yet budget-conscious way to amplify a variety of themes including metro, romantic, nautical and much more.

Match a Slide Show to the Prom Theme
With today’s user-friendly electronics and free photo services, it’s fun and easy to create one-of-a-kind slide shows for many destination prom themes, from Vegas to a Riviera beach! If you don’t have a built-in screen at the Prom location, select and prepare part of a wall for projection.

Present a Rose to Each Lady
Make a giant silk “rose bush” to place in the Prom entranceway. Order a silk rose for each female guest or couple. Insert the stems into a large styrofoam ball. Once all the roses are in the top portion of the ball, set it in a large decorative vase or pot. As each lady enters, she can pick a special favor!

One response to “Unique Decorating Ideas for Livening Up Your Prom

  1. im only 11 and i was looking for party ideas so even though this is for a prom it helped

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