Host a Fun-Filled Destination Prom with a Wild West Theme

Wild West Theme Kit A western-themed prom is a fantastic way to bring some fun to your prom or post-prom event. The Wild West Decorating Kit contains tons of decorations to create your western scene such as a wild west store front, entrance, western backdrop, covered wagon, gunslinger and prairie girl standee, cactus and split rail fence.

Welcome students to the prom with the Wild West Storefront and Entrance. The Storefront is a freestanding cardboard decoration that stands over 7’ high and 10’ wide and makes a great focal point. The Wild West Entrance can be personalized with your prom theme and details. The entrance looks like the gateway to a Wild West ranch and stands over 9’ tall. Accent the scene with the Gunslinger and Prairie Girl silhouette standees, the cactus and split rail fence.

Fill out the scene by placing the Western Backdrop behind the other decorations. The silhouette looks fantastic in front of gold and orange gossamer draped from ceiling to floor. Create a fun desert with sand colored flat paper. Add some stone patterned flat paper through the entrance to create a desert path into your event.

The Wild West Entrance makes a great setting for commemorative photos. A great favor to go with these photos is a photo album or picture frame personalized with your prom details and a Wild West themed logo.

The next step to keeping prom memories fresh is a memory booklet. This wonderful prom tradition started right here at Stumps Prom. For tons of themes the Translucent Prom Night Booklet is a great choice. You can customize the inside with your own layout and content.

The final step is prom favors. If you have a fun prom theme like the Wild West, you’ll need fun favors like candles, high-tech favors, key tags and clocks customized with your prom theme and logo.

Check out our other Prom Kits and tell us about your Wild West prom event.

One response to “Host a Fun-Filled Destination Prom with a Wild West Theme

  1. Lots of fun, but I think you would have to coordinate the dress as well

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