Present the Prom Court in Royal Style

Prom Court SuppliesThe big moment has arrived – it’s time to crown your Prom King and Queen. Are you ready? Don’t leave this event to chance! There are several things you can do to make sure the coronation goes smoothly. Below are some helpful ideas for presenting your Royal Prom Court.

• Before the event, choose a time when you will announce the Court. Relay this time to the band/D.J., faculty, and all the Prom committee members.

• Choose a person to announce the winners. This person can be the Prom committee president, the committee advisor, the school principal, or the student body president. Some schools invite the previous year’s King and Queen back for the crowning.

• Designate several committee members to help crown the Court. Remind them to have extra pins on hand to secure the Court’s crowns, tiaras, and sashes!

• Hold Court nominations two months in advance and announce nominees.

• Hold Court elections three weeks in advance. (See Planning the Court for more tips on nominations and elections.)

• Tally votes and decorate envelopes announcing the winners.

• Order Prom Royalty items for your King, Queen, and Prom Court.

• Have bouquets of flowers for the girls and corsages for the guys at the Prom site before the event begins.

• Play a drum roll, announce the winners and crown the Court!

• Give the King and Queen the opportunity to make a speech and parade around the site with their Court.

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