Host a Fun Destination Prom with the Viva Las Vegas Theme

For a lot of fun at your prom, have a Las Vegas or casino theme. This is a great theme for a destination prom for a fun-loving school. The Viva Las Vegas casino theme decorating kit is perfect for capturing the perfect mood.

Start by using the Viva Las Vegas columns which create the impression of huge stacks of poker chips. They look great with the Viva Las Vegas arch which creates a cool card entrance. The Vegas theme would not be complete without the signs and lights of the Strip. The casino night signs and Night in Vegas backdrop are perfect for bringing the scenes of the Strip to your decorations.

Next bring the inside of the casino to your prom with Vegas showgirl silhouettes and a roulette wheel standee. Top it all off with the Viva Las Vegas personalized sign outlined with twinkle lights.

There are tons of decorating accents perfect for filling out your theme kit. Try lighted dice columns to create a beautiful walkway. Set them up next to the roulette walkway mural for the full effect. Giant cardboard dice and hit the jackpot pedestals are also great choices.

Create a beautiful photo setting to help make your student’s prom memories extra-memorable. The lighted gateway arch features poker chips and dice and is a great entrance as well as photo op. A Night in Las Vegas arch is great for a classic 50’s Vegas look.

For more ideas, check out our other Vegas Prom Tips. To see Stumps Party’s complete supply of prom decorations, invitations, banners and favors check out the casino event theme page. Tell us about your Viva Las Vegas prom!

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