Take off to Romance with a Fantastic Voyage Themed Prom

Fantastic Voyage Theme KitA nautical theme prom is a classic! Capture the timeless elegance of this theme with the Fantastic Voyage Kit. This kit transports students to the dock, ready to board a cruise ship.

The Fantastic Voyage Kit contains 1 Titanic Lighted Silhouette, 1 Port of Southampton Entrance & Ramp, 4 Fence/Light Sections (8’ fence & 1 lamp per section) with Life Preservers.

Use the Titanic Lighted Silhouette to create the perfect focal point. The silhouette is 25’ long and 8’ tall and features over 475 lights. Pair it with the Southampton Entrance and Ramp, the perfect place for students to have their pictures taken. Next to that, set up the fence and light with light preservers. This gives your prom the feel of being on the pier watching the boat arrive or depart.

Create the illusion of a vast ocean using blue mylar. Crinkle the mylar in a rippling texture to create the look of waves and attach it to your walls or flooring. From there, attach star patterned flat paper for the sky, rising above the ocean horizon for a romantic, starry sky. Finally, create the walkway along the dock with herringbone or woodgrain patterned flat paper. These touches are easy to do and make the theme kit really come to life.

Check out our other Nautical or Under the Sea Theme Prom Tips for more decorating ideas and subtle touches you can use on your tables, walls and more.

Make it easier for students to relive their prom memories by creating beautiful Memory Booklets for them to take home with them. For this theme, we suggest the Passage to the Stars Booklet, which features a cascade of star cut-outs on the cover and is available in white or blue. You can personalize your memory booklet with your own content and layout. Check for more tips on our Booklet Ideas page.

Finish the big night off with prom favors. There are tons of favors you can personalize for your nautical theme prom including frames, photo albums, key tags, glassware, candles and more. Customize favors with your own design and slogan for an ultimate impact and a perfect keepsake.

Tell us about your nautical themed prom or other prom ideas!

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