Simple Tips for Stunning Prom Beauty

Prom Beauty TipsEvery girl wants to look like a Prom Queen on the big night! So whether you are the Prom Queen, or just want to look like one – we have some fun and easy ways to help you look picture-perfect on Prom night. Check out the beauty tips below!

Prom Pampering

Gear up for Prom night perfection with several weeks of pampering. Make sure you are getting enough sleep (eight hours is ideal), drinking plenty of water (eight glasses a day!) and exercising (at least three times a week for at least a half an hour). Skip high-fat foods and instead munch on lots of fruit and veggies. A week or so before Prom, de-stress with a professional massage, facial, or spa treatment. You will be relaxed, clear-faced, and ready for your big event! Remember that a facial can make your face red, so be sure to schedule your spa day several days before Prom.


Your hair is as much a Prom accessory as your pearl drop earrings or high-heeled shoes! Make the most of your tresses with a hairstyle that suits both you and your dress. Here are some quick hair & style tips:

–Get regular trims every eight weeks to remove split ends
–Use detangler every day and a deep conditioner once a month
–Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for your hair type
–Try a new cut or color six months before Prom
–Touch up color two weeks before Prom
–Cut out pictures of hairstyles you like
–Show your stylist a picture of you dress
–If you are not getting a professional ‘do – make sure you practice!

Find other great hair ideas at


A nice manicure and pedicure can be a great way to treat yourself the day before the prom! It’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet after a hectic week of preparation.

If you want to save some money for the actual night, try doing your nails yourself. File your nails into a nice, rounded shape (it’s a more natural style). Soak your hands in water, soapy water and then push your cuticles back, but don’t cut them. After rinsing your hands, dry them well and then apply a base coat. Follow it up with at least two coats of color. Go for a light pink or nude color for an elegant, natural look, or go for something bolder and use a color that matches your gown perfectly. There are so many choices out there, you’re not likely to have a problem finding a good match. Don’t forget to follow up with a top coat to minimize chipping on the big night. To prevent smudging, let your polish dry for about half an hour and then dip your fingers in ice water.

If you’re wearing strappy sandals, go for a pedicure as well. Soak your feet, clip your toenails, and then give yourself a little foot massage with lotion. Rinse the lotion off the nails and then apply the base coat, followed by two coats of the color and then a top coat. To prevent smudging, dab your toes with a little baby oil.

Tips for Keeping Your Make-up Perfect

If only your make-up would stay put all night long! But after a few turns on the dance floor, a couple of sips of punch and the inevitable passing of time, your make-up will probably diminish a tad. Use the following advice to help your make-up stay put a little longer:

–Pack a little lipstick or gloss. The smaller the better. In a pinch, lip color can double as blush – just dot a little on cheeks and blend well.
–Instead of reapplying mascara, pep up your eyes with a little eyeliner. Smudge it with your finger for the best results.
–In case of an unplanned zit, pack concealer. Dot it directly on the spot and the redness around it, then, using the pad of a finger; pat it out till it’s not noticeable.
–To ensure you have the freshest breath, don’t forget some mints or breath freshener.
–The only thing you don’t want to shine on this special night is your nose. Instead of loading on the powder, fight your greasy face with blotting papers.
–Don’t forget some shimmer. Use an all-over shimmer cream especially on your cheeks and shoulders.

In A Clutch – Emergency Repair Kit

Don’t let blisters on your feet or a run in your nylons ruin your night. Keep these small items in your evening bag for a quick fix of any potential problem:

–Carry a small sample-size of your signature scent in your evening bag. A small spritz is all you need to revive and refresh yourself halfway through the night.
–A small bottle of clear nail polish will rescue you from a run in your hose.
–Carry a few band-aids of assorted sizes in case of a blister on your foot after a few trips around the dance floor.
–Tote along a few extra bobby pins for a quick hair fix.
–A little clumsy? Fabric wipes will work in a pinch in case of an unfortunate accident at your pre-prom dinner. 

Let us know about your Prom beauty tips, stories and advice!

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