Covering the Costs of Prom

Prom CostsThe cost of Prom can vary greatly – from $150 to $2,000! It often depends on where you live and how formal your school makes the occasion, but just remember: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can have the night of your life and enjoy yourself on a budget. Make sure you take your time, plan ahead, think about your options, and don’t make hasty decisions. This will save you money in the long run! Below is a list of approximate Prom costs and a budget worksheet to help get you started.

Prom Costs:
• Limo or Other Transportation: $200
• Flowers: $30 (corsage & boutonniere)
• Beauty Treatments: $50-100 (hair, makeup, nails)
• Photographs: $40-$150
• Prom Dress: $75-$350
• Accessories: $150 (jewelry, purse, wrap)
• Prom Tickets: $100-$200 per couple (dinner included)
• Shoes: $50
• Tux Rental: $100

Prom Worksheet:
Boutonniere  $__________________
Dress $__________________
Evening Bag $__________________
Hair (cut/color/styling)  $__________________
Jewelry  $__________________
Makeup (purchase/application)  $__________________
Manicure/Pedicure  $__________________
Misc. expenses  $__________________
Photos  $__________________
Pre-Prom Dinner  $__________________
Professional Waxing/Tweezing  $__________________
Prom Tickets  $__________________
Shawl/Wrap  $__________________
Shoes Transportation  $__________________
Undergarments/Pantyhose  $__________________

Total I need to save:  $__________________
Divided by the number of weeks ’til prom = $___________________per week

One response to “Covering the Costs of Prom

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