Accessories for Adding the Finishing Touches on Prom Night

Prom AccessoriesSo you finally found the perfect prom dress – what now? Accessorize, accessorize! Jewelry, wraps, bags, and shoes add the final touch to your Prom night ensemble – so don’t neglect these areas! The simplest black dress can be transformed into Oscar-worthy attire with the right accessories.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your dress with something dazzling and dynamic. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more, so you don’t want to overwhelm your look with too many accessories. Consult the pictures you clipped from fashion magazines to see what works and what doesn’t.

Some accessories to consider are:


• Pearls are a timeless classic and always look beautiful.
• Rhinestones add a dazzling air to any ensemble.
• Beads in colors to match your gown are simple, pretty and usually inexpensive.
• Chandelier earrings can add movement and shimmer and turn up your face’s natural radiance a few watts.

Wraps & Shawls

• Small chiffon shawls are all the rage this season and they serve as a great, but light-weight cover-up for your beautiful gown. Just drape the shawl over arms or around the neck.
• Make sure that your shawl is in a color that complements your gowns.
• Sheer fabrics provide a romantic look, and can be a great contrast to a “busy” dress.
• Velvet shawls are perfect for the Hollywood look.
• A boa creates a dramatic look and is a definite show-stopper!
• Consider a cape for an alternative look that is gaining fashion momentum by the minute.
• Any type of shawl encrusted with rhinestones is sure to make you sparkle and shine all night.
• Consider tying a lightweight cardigan over your shoulders (cashmere and silk cardigans work well for this).
• A shoulder shrug is still a popular option for that in-between cardigan/shawl look.
• A faux fur wrap is a quick and easy way to add some elegance to your ensemble.

Evening Bags

• The evening bag is the ultimate accessory! This is a must-have for all your evening essentials including lipstick, a brush, money, band-aids, and mints.
• Ornate, handcrafted, carry-very-little handbags are a great accessory.
• Cute little purses are perfect for carrying just the essentials and can be the perfect touch.
• Consider a beaded bag that complements your dress.
• The embroidered trend is still very popular. Gold and silver embroidery will create a dressy look.
• Choose brocade for a romantic and somewhat gothic look.


• Strappy sandals and high heels are the first choice for glamorous feet.
• Want a perfect match? Consider dyed-to-match pumps.
• If you are looking for comfort, try for a moderate heel or ballet slippers.
• For those more daring, consider platform pumps or even sneakers!

Accessory Extras

• Nothing says Prom like tiaras.
• Gloves can add an elegant look to your dress. Short gloves can be paired with virtually any dress and have a more relaxed look. Pair long gloves with stapless or sleeveless dresses for an ultra-sophisticated look.
• Body tattoos are still in style and add a touch of whimsy to your look. Consider a Henna tattoo for an ethnic touch. 
• Body glitter will make you sparkle and shine under the lights.

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