Travel to the Far East for an Oriental Theme Prom

Evening in the Orient Theme KitExotic locations are a growing trend in prom themes. Traditionally these locales are places like Paris or Italy, but there are tons of other “destination prom” themes. For your exotic inspired prom stage an “Evening in the Orient” theme.

Completely transform your prom venue into an Asian paradise with the Evening in the Orient Decoration kit. The kit includes tons of huge decorations perfect for creating a stunning setting for your prom such as a pagoda, a pair of columns, a pair of pedestals and two inflatable Chinese lanterns. Arrange the pagoda and accessories to create a an Asian courtyard and accent the scene with gossamer and other decorations.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or seamless paper decorating material. Covering walls with the paper creates the perfect pallet for adding a golden moon or a secluded garden skyline background. The effect is a dark night sky with a skyline of a serene Asian garden. Add a bold finish with red gossamer cascading from the ceiling.

Further set the scene by adding more decorations such as a Shanghai moon pagoda, gleaming brilliance parasols, a red giant dragon fan and a black giant dragon fan. Create areas for students to sit and talk using bamboo benches, gossamer, some red spherical string lanterns and some white spherical string lanterns.

Don’t forget about balloons! Asian character latex balloons are a fun but subtle touch. Use them to accent your tables, chairs or walkways. Tie them in bunches of odd numbers.

Decorate for commemorative photos with a secluded garden photo setting. Combine the secluded garden skyline bacground with the evening in the orient arch accented with multiple evening in the orient lanterns. Creating a beautiful photo setting is one way to make your prom memorable. The photos will last for years!

Stumps Party also carries a great supply of stunning centerpieces. For your Asian themed prom we would suggest the lovely Shanghai moon centerpiece or the glimmering elegance umbrella centerpiece which echos the beautiful parasols which accessorize the kit.

Memory booklets are a great way of keeping your prom memories. The night in the orient booklet is perfect for this theme. It features a golden pagoda on a red cover with a gold cord and tassel. You can have the cover imprinted with your own wording and customize the inside pages with your own content and layout.

Don’t forget prom favors. Great favors for an Asian theme include a gold Asian glitter key tag, a Shanghai votive candle with lid or paper fans. There are hundreds of favor ideas that can be personalized with an Asian logo and your prom details.

Check out our other destination theme prom tips and tell us about your Asian themed prom.

One response to “Travel to the Far East for an Oriental Theme Prom

  1. I think this theme would be great, but the pics provided here seemed very…busy. I like to think of just a touch of red among dark blues and blacks and a splash of light

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