Ahoy! A Pirate Prom!

Pirate’s Cove Kit Pirates are big in entertainment this year, so bring the adventure of the high seas to your prom with these Pirate-themed Prom Tips!


There are tons of great decorations and theme kits for a pirate prom. For a complete package try the Pirate’s Cove Kit or the Treasure Bay Decorating Kit. They’re perfect for totally transforming your party space into a pirate ship or desert island!

Set the scene for your pirate prom with a photo mural. The murals are printed on heavy mural paper and can be reused with double-sided tape. Try a Perpetual Paradise Mural to create the image of a tropical paradise or the Tahitian Paradise Mural for an on-the-water look.

Transform your dance floor into the deck of a pirate ship with woodgrain flat or corrugated paper. Accent the sides with water patterned gossamer or light and dark blue balloons. Add treasure chests filled with greenery or rhinestones and fake gold coins to the corners of the floor or across the front for a special accent.

Don’t forget a pirate flat! Students will love taking pictures with fake feathered parrots and a Pirate Photo Standee. They can stick their faces in the cut-outs for a hilarious keepsake.

To create the image of a lush tropical island, use fake palm trees to decorate areas like the food tables, or sections designated for socializing when not dancing. You can use these trees along with some benches or chairs to create cool nooks in the pirate décor for students to talk and take pictures together.

Accent all your décor with palm tree gossamer. Gossamer is versatile and easy to use. Create swags, chair bows, curtains, ceiling treatments and more! Check out our gossamer tips for ideas and instructions.

Balloons, lanterns and tiki lights make great finishing touches. Inflate palm tree latex and mylar balloons with helium and create clusters in odd numbers or fill them with cold air and scatter them around the floor. Paper lanterns are perfect for creating a soft, tropical glow while tiki lights add a bright, fun effect.

Table Decorations

Decorate your tables in tropical style by covering them with a green table cover then edging the table with raffia table skirting. The finished look is professional looking but with the right level of fun for a pirate prom. Sprinkle palm tree confetti on the top and choose green or gold tableware.

There’s a wide variety of centerpieces for a pirate theme. The palm tree centerpiece is perfect for coordinating, while the tropical flower centerpiece or tissue pineapples really pop visually.

Add leis to the back of the chairs. They make a great decoration to the chairs until students use them to decorate themselves!

Photo Setting

Prom photos are important to a lot of students and parents. They’re a special way to remember prom night and a great photo setting can go a long way to making those prom photos fun—not stiff or posed looking! For a pirate theme, we suggest the Down By The Sea Photo Setting Kit. The kit creates the image of an ocean pier. The Personalized Hibiscus Arch is another great option. Students will be framed by twinkle lights and bright flowers. Plus, you can add your school name or prom slogan to the top of the arch!

Also see our advice for how to choose a prom photographer.

Memory Booklet

The memory booklet is a prom tradition that was invented right here at Stumps Prom & Party! You can fill the memory booklets for your prom full of information including the Prom Court, dinner menu, senior superlatives, class officers and more! Check out our booklet ideas page for more tips. For a pirate themed prom, we suggest the Tropical Night Booklet. It features a beautiful silver palm tree on a matte black cover held together with a silver cord. Plus, there’s a custom invitation design to match!


Favors are another important way of capturing prom memories and there are plenty of favors that tie into a pirate theme. Glassware is a classic favor and you can have a large variety of glassware pieces customized with your prom details and logo. With the huge selection you’re sure to find a piece that’s right for your prom.

Another option is a functional but charming tropical key tag. The silver tropics key tag features a gleaming silver palm tree and a charm with your custom wording. There’s also a photo key tag with a palm tree charm. You can add your own wording to it and students can use the key tag to keep their favorite prom photo in.

For a less-serious option, try a pirate’s spyglass, pirate hat or other pirate party apparel. This idea is especially useful if you’re carrying the pirate theme over to your post-prom. Students will enjoy their fun favors and will really get into the theme!

Proms are our business and we’d love to hear about your pirate-themed prom!

One response to “Ahoy! A Pirate Prom!

  1. that is such a great idea, our site is actually working on bringing theme backdrops out similar to those. we have photo op standees now with the faces missing to get a picture taken those are awsome also. if you want a cutout or photo op check us out at http://www.stockcutouts.com

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