Host an Opening Night Magic Theme Hollywood Prom

opening-night-magic-kitA Hollywood theme prom is a fun way to add some glamour to your prom night. Our Opening Night Magic Decorating Kit is a great way to transform your prom venue into a fantastic movie premier. Here are our tips for putting together your delightful night:

The Opening Night Magic Kit includes tons of large themed decorations perfect for creating your dream prom. Each kit contains two Cinema Columns, a Popcorn Arch, two Dancing Popcorn Box Standees, and a lighted palm tree.

Create a background for your kit using white flat paper to cover the walls and red gossamer in columns from floor to ceiling. Then, add the gossamer in swags around the room. The effect will be a lush look just like an old fashioned movie theater.

On the floor, add black metallic foil or black polyvinyl. Use red flat paper and gold metallic festooning to create walkways.

Make an awesome entrance for your prom using the Popcorn Arch. It stands 9’6” high and 6’ wide. The arch is topped with white and yellow balloons to look like popcorn!

Add the Cinema Columns, which can be personalized with 12 characters. The columns are 7’6” high and 2’9” wide. They’re great for dividing up rooms or accenting your entrance or photo area.

The Dancing Popcorn Boxes are fun ways to accent your theme too! They stand 7’3” high and 3’ wide, are free-standing, and are made of sturdy cardboard.

Add some lighted palm trees around the room to create a romantic glow and add the tropical air of Hollywood. Each tree is 7’ high and 2’ wide and 2’ deep. They are made of a wooden base, PVC tubes, and green fringe for the trees. Plus,  twinkle lights are included to string through the trunks to make them glow.

Hand out our Film Reel Booklet to help students treasure their fond memories of your Hollywood theme prom. The booklets feature silver film rolls and stars with your personalized text on the black cover, blue four white vellum pages inside. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to fill the booklets with memories.

Send students home with beautiful favors such as glassware, keytags, candles or frames customized with Hollywood imprints and your wording. The Hollywood Glitter Frame is a great choice! Students will love using the frame to treasure their favorite prom photo.

Check out the rest of our Hollywood prom tips and tell us about your event!

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