Create a Romantic Event with a Before Night Falls Prom Theme

before-night-falls-waterfall-prom-kitFor your prom, combine the beauty of a garden with the natural romance of a waterfall using the Before Night Falls Decorating Kit. The kit includes beautiful decorations that can totally transform your prom venue into a stunning scene.

The Before Night Falls Garden Kit includes two waterfalls, one lamppost, one pair of fir trees, one curved fence section and one straight fence section plus one bench.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or royal blue gossamer to cover the walls. Use cobblestone flat or corrugated paper to cover the floor, creating the illusion of a garden walkway.

Next, set up your waterfalls. The Before Night Falls waterfalls are made of blue water gossamer and twinkle lights draped over cardboard tubes. They stand 10’ high and 10’ wide. Iridescent shred completes the look adding a light-catching shine.

Set up the Before Night Lamppost to add a charming accent. The fir trees add a natural touch.

The Before Night fence set separates the waterfalls from the floor. The fence is a great addition to photo settings.

Finish it all off with a Before Night bench. The bench is the perfect place for students to take pictures. It stands 19” high and 3’ wide. It makes the whole set-up look more like a park.

Fill out the theme kit with a variety of fake or real plants and flowers. Greenery such as silk ivy garland is an excellent choice.

Have tickets and memory booklets custom printed to match your theme. The Garden Silhouette Booklet is a great pick. It features a silver ivy pattern and your custom wording. The book is held together with a silver cord’n’tassel. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for more idea.

Send guests home with favors to remember their special prom by. We suggest the Picard Flute with Banded Glitter Gel Candle. You can have your own logo and slogan printed on the glassware and choose whether you want a wax or gel candle. These favors can be totally customized to fit your event and they make beautiful keepsakes!

Check out all of our garden theme prom tips and tell us about your event.

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