Create a Festive Affair with a Snowflake Fantasy Theme Dance

snowflake-fantasy-dance-kitThe holidays are just around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to plan your winter dance! Create a fun and festive setting for your event with the Snowflake Fantasy Kit.

The Snowflake Fantasy Decorating Kit contains beautiful decorations for creating a wintery scene, including: one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one corex snowflake. You can arrange the kit in tons of ways to create a variety of scenes.

Create a backdrop for your decorations using dark blue flat paper or gossamer to cover walls. Cover the floor with dark blue flat paper then create walkways using metallic silver corrugated paper. Accent the walkways with white or snowflake patterned gossamer.

Set up the Giant Snowflake Arch to create an entrance or an amazing focal point. The arch stands 10’ high and 12’ wide and includes twinkle lights for a romantic glow.

Next, arrange the Snowflake Fantasy Columns and the Lighted Elegance Trees to divide up space and fill out the look. The Snowflake Fantasy Columns stand 10’ tall and are accented with iridescent and silver sparkle powder with light blue gossamer draping from them. The Lighted Elegance Trees are each 6’ tall and are adorned with twinkle lights.

Add shimmering snowflakes and corex snowflakes standees to finish off the look. Deck the whole room with iridescent snow and twinkle lights to create a winter wonderland!

Invite guests to your dance or event in classic elegance, perfect for this theme using our Mirror-Brite Invitation in silver with your custom wording printed on them. The invitations come with envelopes and are perfect for making a great first impression.

Send guests home with a beautiful favor to remember the dance by. Try the Winter Custom Creation Mint Tin or help them keep warm with a traditional Christmas personalized travel mug. You can have the frame custom imprinted with your dance slogan and a logo. These favors will be a hit and look great!

Check out all of our Winter Dance tips and tell us about your holiday dance!

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