Host a Romantic Stars on Broadway Theme Prom

stars-on-broadway-prom-themeA Broadway-themed prom is a wonderful, classy way to enhance decorations for your event. The Stars on Broadway kit has decorations to transform your party space into the entrance to a grand broadway theater.

Set up the Stars on Broadway kit and your event will dazzle. The kit includes a marquee entrance, a pair of debut accents, a pair of stars on broadway columns, and a pair of accent stars.

Create a beautiful backdrop for your event using metallic silver gossamer and metallic blue gossamer to cover the walls. Hang the gossamer from floor to ceiling to create a stunning effect. Try tenting the gossamer on the ceiling for an even more romantic look. Check out our gossamer tips for instructions. Cover the venue floors with seamless paper decorating material in thunder gray for a base to your decorations that will bring the whole room together.

Start using the Stars on Broadway kit by setting up the marquee entrance. You can personalize the sign to show your prom slogan or school name. It makes a great welcome to the event and a fabulous setting for photos. The entrance stands 12’ tall and 8’ wide and the marquee sign is illuminated for a beautiful glow.

Accent the marquee entrance with the silver star adorned debut pair. Each debut stands 11’ tall and 7’ wide. They really fill out the whole look with the impressive silver star accentuated black column and base that fans out to the sides with a silver and black fan-like spread.

The Stars on Broadway columns are the next step. The columns are 10’ tall and are made of a stunning combo of black and silver corrugate, topped with a star.

Finish the whole look off with accent stars, which measure 3’ tall and 5’ wide. You can suspend them from the ceiling or use them to add a final touch to your wall decorations.

Memory booklets are a wonderful prom tradition that Stumps Party has been a part of for over 80 years. For this prom theme we suggest the romantic night royal booklet, which features a classic cover with your custom foil stamp on it. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill the booklet with information students will treasure.

Top the whole night off with a beautiful favor for students to remember their prom by. The embassy royale glass confetti top candle is a beautiful choice for this prom theme. You can choose the color of gel candle and the type of confetti that fills the beautiful, classic champagne glassware. This is a great favor to replace the traditional glassware favor and discourage drinking on prom night.

Check out all of our prom tips and tell us about your Stars on Broadway-themed prom!

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  1. Lots of great ideas!

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