Host a Rendezvous on Bourbon Street Mardi Gras Prom

rendezvous-on-bourbon-street-kitMardi Gras is a fantastic theme for an opulent prom experience. This festival is known for it’s lavish decorations, fantastic  music, and general air of fun, making it wonderful for your prom event. Decorate with our Rendezvous on Bourbon Street Kit to harness all the festivity of the French Quarter!

The Rendezvous on Bourbon Street Kit includes one Rendezvous Arch, a Rendezvous Building Set and a pair of Rendezvous Lamp Posts. Use them together with our balloons and background materials to create a full effect.

Create a background for your event using blue seamless paper to cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Seamless paper is versatile and easy to work with. Cover the floor with cobblestone patterned flat paper to create the impression that guests are really walking on the New Orleans street. Scatter some green, gold and purple balloons over top for a fun accent.

Add the Rendezvous on Bourbon Street Kit decorations to totally transform your party space. Welcome students to your prom with the Rendezvous Arch. The arch is lighted and stands 10’ high and 6’ wide. The wrought iron design is accented with decorative gossamer and is perfect for photos too.

Use the Rendezvous Building Set to add depth to your backdrop. The buildings are each about 11’ high and between 6 ½ and 7 ½’ wide. They’re also accented with gossamer, streamers and other Cajun decorations.

Finish the scene off with the Rendezvous Lamp Posts, which really light up. They stand 9 ½’ high and 4’ wide and add a romantic glow to your event.

Make the prom look really lavish by draping the lamp posts and other decorations with Mardi Gras masks, hats, and other accessories.

Use a memory booklet such as the Magic of Mardi Gras Booklet to capture timeless prom memories. The booklet features an imprint with your prom slogan and Mardi Gras masks on the black and silver cover. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to fill the pages.

Top the whole night off with a favor for students to remember the prom by. For this theme, we suggest the Masquerade Luster Frame, which features a Mardi Gras mask on a silver mesh frame, plus your custom imprint with prom details and a logo. Students will love placing their favorite prom photo in the frame!

Check out all of our prom tips from fundraising to post-prom and tell us about your Mardi Gras event!

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