Fun is No Gamble with a Vegas Escape Themed Prom

vegas-escape-prom-decorating-kit1A Las Vegas themed prom is a fun way to mix lavish decorations with bright, festive colors and activities. Our Vegas Escape kit is a fantastic way to bring all the lights and colors of Vegas to your prom.

The Vegas Escape kit includes a slot machine walkthrough, three casino chip columns, one jackpot slot standee, one set of card suit backdrops with lights and a set of card suit backdrops with no lights.

Set the backdrop for your decorations by covering the floor with red flat paper or red corrugated paper. This creates a look that resembles a casino floor. In the background, hang gossamer in casino colors such as blue and red from floor to ceiling, bunching it together in the middle and tying it with smaller strips of gossamer.

Create a stunning entrance to your event with the slot machine walkthrough, which stands 10’ 9” tall and 7’ wide. It’s a great place to take commemorative photos too.

Next, add the casino chip columns around your venue. The columns are 8’ 10” tall and 1’ 7” wide and feature bright colored poker chips. They are perfect for breaking up space and filling out the look of your prom casino.

The jackpot slots standee is 6’ 10” high and 3’ 10” wide and is a fun prop for both pictures and decorating. You can personalize the top of the slot machine standee with your own personalized message.

The card suit backdrops added in front of your gossamer base make a perfect finish. The 3’ 5” wide by 7’ 10” high diamond and the 4’ wide x 7’ 10” high spade, club and heart are available with or without lights and look fantastic with the other kit components.

Add card suit cut-outs and playing card balloons around your venue to further accent the theme and add a polished finish.

Memory booklets are a fantastic prom tradition that helps students treasure their prom moments. Stumps Party is your home for memory booklets. For this theme we suggest the create-a-booket. Personalize the cover with your theme name and choose up to five lines of wording. Your event details are imprinted in black ink on the four inside pages. Each booklet also includes a free cord and tassel in the color of your choice. Check out our memory booklet tips for suggestions on how to fill the memory booklet with information.

Finish the whole night off with a beautiful favor for students to treasure for years to come. Try a piece of personalized glassware imprinted with your prom slogan and logo and filled with casino beads. Another fun option is our personalized poker chips. Hand out sets of the poker chips with your prom details printed in the center. They’ll be a hit with students.

Check out the rest of our Las Vegas prom theme tips and tell us about your event!

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