Host a Masked Mystique Mardi Gras Prom for a Lavish Affair

masked-mystique-mardi-gras-kitMardi Gras makes a fabulous prom theme with it’s lavish decorations and bright colors. The Masked Mystique Mardi Gras Kit is new for Prom 2009 and transforms your event into a dazzling masquerade setting.

The scene is set with the Masked Mystique Mardi Gras Kit, which includes a Masked Mystique Arch, two columns, two masks (one large and one small), two oval masks and two modern luminescent columns.

Create a base for your decorating kit by covering the floor with black seamless paper. Make a path through the event with metallic green paper and accent it with Mardi Gras beads, metallic shred and balloons. Create a backdrop by draping purple and gold metallic curtains from floor to ceiling.

Next, set up the Masked Mystique Arch to create a beautiful entrance to your event. The arch stands 11 feet tall and 7 feet 3 inches wide. It is constructed of two purple stretch columns accented with twinkle lights and a mask, and is perfect for taking commemorative prom photos.

Accent the arch with the Masked Mystique Columns. Each column is 8 feet high by 2 feet 3 inches wide. They’re printed with a Mardi Gras pattern and are accented with Mardi Gras masks on top.

Add the Mystique Masks and the Mystique Oval Masks for another flourish. The free-standing Mystique Masks are available in 1 foot 7 inches high and 3 feet 10 inches wide or 3 feet 10 inches high x 7 feet 3 inches wide. The Oval Masks are available in 5 feet x 3 feet 9 inches wide or 6 feet 10 inches high x 4 feet 9 inches wide.

Finish it off with the Modern Luminescent Columns, which are constructed of elastic fabric over a sturdy aluminum frame and stand 8 feet high by 2 feet in diameter. Add twinkle lights for a special glow.

Accent the kit with lush gossamer drapes, swags and columns, shimmering metallic columns, beads, masks and feathers!

Once you’ve decorated your prom in Mardi Gras style, create a memory booklet to help students treasure the night forever. For this theme, we suggest the Magic of Mardi Gras Booklet. Fill the inside of the booklet with your custom wording. Plus, the foil-brite cover is printed with your event details.

Finish it all off with a fun favor to savor the night. Try the enchanting masquerade mask. These are great keepsakes to always remember your prom by!

Check out all of our Mardi Gras prom tips and tell us about your event!

One response to “Host a Masked Mystique Mardi Gras Prom for a Lavish Affair

  1. Nice articles and look like fantasy masks 🙂

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