Create a Grand Affair with a Midnight Cruise Theme Prom

midnight-cruise-prom-decorating-kitA nautical theme is a classic for prom, and our Midnight Cruise themed prom is a romantic twist, setting your event on the deck of a giant cruise ship.

The Midnight Cruise Kit deluxe version has a variety of decorations for creating the theme, which include a midnight cruise ship, a midnight island standee, a midnight cruise scene, a mountain backdrop, two ship railings, and a shaded elegance umbrella-and-base combo.

Create a foundation for your decorating kit by setting up the ship’s deck using weathered wood flat paper and adding blue metallic floral sheeting for water. Insert the seaside sunset background illustration to create a gorgeous backdrop. Attach fish netting and twinkle light strings for a romantic accent to the whole scene.

Begin using your Midnight Cruise kit by setting up the midnight cruise ship itself. The ship standee is 18’ high and 14’ 6” wide. It’s accented with twinkle lights and can be personalized with your prom slogan or school name on the ship’s body.

Behind it, add the mountain backdrop to simulate a gorgeous horizon.  To one side, add the midnight island standee for more dimension.

Along the line where the weathered wood flat paper and the metallic blue background material meet, add the ship railings. This will create a fantastic simulation of a real ship!

Finally, on your ship deck (the weathered wood flat paper), set up the shaded elegance umbrella with its base. The umbrella is 6’ in diameter and sits atop a 7’ 4” wooden pole. The umbrella is available in black, red, or white.

Add some elegance with lanterns or nautical metal lamps for a finishing touch. These optional items can easily be added to your kit by specifying the quantities you need on the page where you add the Midnight Cruise Kit to your cart.

Once you’ve chosen your decorations, create memory booklets for students to treasure their prom moments with. We’ll print your booklets with your custom wording on the inside. The beautiful black covers of our tropical night booklet are imprinted with a gold or silver foil palm tree and your personalized four lines of wording. Plus, each booklet includes a cord and tassel for binding.

Send students home at the end of the night with a favor! Our custom creation tropical forever tonight frame is a perfect choice for this theme. Students can add their favorite 5×7 photo to the plastic frame printed with a beautiful tropical photo. Plus, the frame can be personalized with your prom logo and slogan!

Check out Stump Party’s other nautical event theme proms and planning tips for your event!

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