Travel to Romance with a Gold Lights of Paris Prom

gold-lights-of-paris-prom-decorating-kitParis remains one of the hottest prom themes this season and Stumps Party has an outstanding collection of gorgeous decorations to make your Paris-themed prom sizzle!

Our Gold Lights of Paris theme brings the beauty of the City of Lights to your event. Our Gold Lights of Paris Kit includes a 12′ gold Eiffel Tower, a 6 1/2′ gold Eiffel Tower, an Arc de Triomphe, two Paris tower accents, two luminescent columns, an exquisite floor lamp, and two modern luminescent columns.

Create a beautiful base for your Parisian decorations with the starry horizon background illustration. The beautiful full moon will look luminous over your prom. Cover your floors in shimmery metallic background material or black flat paper for a chic look.

Start using your Gold Lights of Paris Kit by setting up your Eiffel Towers. Place the 6 ½’ metallic lights Eiffel Tower in the background and the 12’ tower in the foreground for a gorgeous focal point. The metallic lights Eiffel Tower is accented with twinkle lights for a romantic glow.

Add the Arc de Triomphe to the background for a realistic look. The Arc de Triomphe is made of cardboard and accented with twinkle lights and stands 9’ 5” tall and 9’ 4” wide on the left and 6’10” high on the right for an angled look.

The Paris tower accents fill out the city look. The towers stand 1’ 11” high and 9” wide.

Add some volume to the setting with our luminescent pedestal columns and modern luminescent columns. Stand them around the room to divide up space and add a soft glow.

Add some light to the event with the exquisite floor lamp, which stands 5’ 3” high and 4 ½” wide and is made of steel, bamboo, and black tissue paper.

After designing your prom decorations, choose a memory booklet for students to treasure their prom night with. Our memory booklets come custom printed with your content and are a classic keepsake. For this theme, we suggest the City of Lights Paris booklet. The cover prominently features the name “Paris” and an Eiffel Tower design with room for four lines of your own wording.

Top it all off with a  Parisian-themed Memories Album. Students will love this favor! The cover of the photo album features a modern photo of the Arc de Triomphe at night and can be personalized with your prom details. Students can fill the photo album with 24 of their favorite 4×6 photos.

Check out all of Stumps Party’s Paris Event Theme kits and up-to-the-minute tips for creating your perfect prom or other event!

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