Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom

treasure-the-night-arabian-theme-prom-kitTransport your prom to the romance of 1001 Nights with an Arabian theme! This theme is a fun new twist on the destination prom and is perfect for lush colors and beautiful accents. Stumps Party has lots of Arabian themed prom supplies to get your event underway.

Our Treasure the Night kit is a fantastic choice. This kit includes an arch, a treasure the night tent, a tree, a metal lamp, and a world of enchantment backdrop.

Immediately set the mood for the evening’s Arabian experience by placing the treasure the night arch right at the entrance. This exotic arch glitters with its shimmera fabric, twinkle stars and gold-toned moon cutouts. It measures 13 ½ feet high and 5 feet 8 inches wide. It’s perfect for creating the kind of entrance that will let the students know they are in for a memorable evening.

Next, create a focal point using the treasure the night tent. This tent’s 10 foot high and 6 foot in diameter metal frame is draped with red and gold chiffon adorned with twinkle lights. These rich colors and soft lights continue the sense of enchantment established at the entrance.

Position the treasure the night tree for a scenic accent. This 7 foot 6 inches tall and 2 feet wide wire tree is embellished with twistee for the trunk and richly colored fringe gossamer for the leaves. It’s size makes it easy to accent another item from the Treasure the Night kit or set apart to make sure every part of the location reflects the Arabian theme.

Continue the evening’s theme with the help of the enchanted metal lamp. This enchanting lamp of metal and glass beautifully reflects the Arabian theme. The post is painted black and curves to hold a beautiful black and glass lamp. It measures 1 foot 6 ½ inches long and 1 foot 2 inches wide by 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Easily decorate a large portion of your prom site with the world of enchantment backdrop. This impressive backdrop measures 8 feet high and 32 feet long. It can be used to disguise an unattractive wall or can be used as a room divider because of its ability to be self-standing.

For additional accessorizing of your Treasure the Night kit include one or two genie standees. These genie standees come in either a purple or a teal color accentuated with adorned gold bands. Each standee measures an impressive 7 feet 3 inches high and serves as the perfect prop for pictures.

Continue the creation of a gorgeous setting for your Treasure the Night prom by adding jeweled tone gossamer in a variety of colors. Cover the walls or make swags with gold gossamer. For a stunning ceiling treatment, attach multiple shades of gossamer such as metallic gold gossamer, indigo gossamer, forest green gossamer, plum gossamer and/or red gossamer to a wooden hoop and suspend the hoop from the ceiling. Then, swag the gossamer from the hoop in the center of the room to the walls. This creates an impressive tent that will look like an exotic Arabian sunset.

Check out all of our Arabian event theme products for ideas about embellishing your events decor as well as addressing the proms publicity and post-prom party favors.

Maximize the students anticipation for the Arabian themed prom with a personalized version of the Arabian banner. Stumps Party carries banners in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find the size the fits your needs.

Go beyond your prom decorations with the creation of a memory booklet. Our island dreams booklet is perfect for this theme! The booklet features a black palm tree printed on a silver or gold oval on the black cover, which is personalized with your wording. The vellum pages are printed with your custom content too!

Take this prom to the next level by sending students home with a lovely favor from the evening. Our fond memories combo is an awesome choice. Each combo comes with an acrylic photo cube personalized with your prom details, a 2×3 acrylic key tag and and a 8 inch x 7 ½ inch tote bag. The cube and key tag provide the perfect place to display copies of the official prom photo.

Envision your perfect Arabian themed prom and Stumps Party will make it happen with our huge selection of decorations, party favors and banners.

2 responses to “Treasure the Night with an Arabian Themed Prom

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  2. Very pretty, and i love the colors. Sets the mood very relaxed and happy

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