Start a Star-Struck Evening with a Hollywood Theme Grand March

hollywood-grand-march-decorationsA Grand March is a great way to incorporate parents and other adults into the special memories of prom night. This pre-prom event adds some pomp to the whole evening and provides a perfect opportunity for taking photos.

Plan a Hollywood Grand March to match your Hollywood theme prom. Stumps Prom has chic Hollywood decorations that will make your Grand March look fantastic without overpowering your prom decorations.

Set up the Sophisticated Stretch Arch for an entrance for the Grand March. The arch is 7’7” long  and 8’2” high and is made of a metal frame covered with stretch fabric. The arch is available in black, white or silver.

Add the lighted silver star in the back to add depth to the scene. The 8’2” high star is lighted with 350 lights for a soft glow and a romantic look.

Line your Grand March red carpet with Modern Luminsecent Columns and an elegant red rope railing set.

Toward the front of the Grand March walkway, set up the Lighted Hollywood Film Reel., The 3’ 10 ½” high lighted film reel is accented with 100 twinkle lights and creates a festive themed look.

Stumps Prom & Party has custom invitations and event tickets so that students can invite their parents and loves ones to participate in a meaningful way.

Check out our Hollywood theme prom tips and decorations to continue the theme from Grand March to After Prom.

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