Kick Off Prom with a Romantic Grand March

romantic-grand-march-decorationsStarting off your prom events with a Grand March is a great way to add some pomp and circumstance to the whole affair, plus it’s the perfect opportunity for taking pictures and for parents to get together. Stumps Prom has plenty of decorations and other supplies for making your Grand March the perfect beginning for your prom.

Our Romantic Arch Grand March decorations are a beautiful choice! Use royal blue gossamer material to create a backdrop by hanging it from floor to ceiling and then set up the decorations for a stunning walkway.

Position the Custom Creation Circle Arch for students to walk under and pause for pictures. The arch is 8’6” high and 10’5 1/2” wide and is personalized with your wording across the top. It makes a great focal point or entrance piece.

Add a Personalized Aisle Runner for a sleek, red-carpet look. You can choose from blue, purple, white or red. And add three lines of your own wording.

Set up columns along the walkway to add some depth to your decorations. Our Lighted Metal Columns are 7’ tall and are lined with 200 lights for an elegant look. Luminescent Pedestal Columns are 4’ tall and are great accents.

Finish off the Romantic Grand March decorations with our Stylish Stretch Diamonds. The 4’7” long and 4’7” wide diamonds are made of a wooden frame covered with stretch fabric and add just the right touch of flair to your décor.

Stumps Prom also carries custom invitations, tickets, banners and other supplies to help you plan a Grand March to remember!

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  1. Anyone know how to do things like this?

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