Celebrate the Occasion with a White Night Prom

white-night-prom-theme-kitColor-themed events are a wonderful, classic idea. It works for weddings, so why not for prom too? Create a simple, elegant look with a white-themed prom, using our White Night Kit.

The White Night Kit includes one sophisticated stretch arch, two modern luminescent columns, one decorative stretch screen, two oval luminescent lamps, two silver octagon stands, and one lion head water fountain.

Use Indigo Gossamer and white pearl balloons to cover your floor, creating an elegant base for your decorations. Hang silver glistening fabric from floor to ceiling to create a background that will make the White Night decorations really stand out.

Set up the Sophisticated Stretch Arch to create a lovely entrance to your event. The arch is 7 feet 7 inches long and 8 feet 2 inches tall. The arch is constructed from metal and covered with stretch fabric. Students will love taking photos under the arch.

Add the Modern Luminescent Columns on either side of the room. The columns are 8 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter. Link several glow necklaces together and wrap them around the columns to create a fun accent.

Divide up space and create a fuller look with the Decorative Stretch Screen. The screen is 8 feet long and 7 feet tall and is covered with white stretch fabric. It’s perfect to use with our Logo Light to project your prom logo onto the screen for a fantastic, custom touch.

Create a focal point for your event with the Lion Head Water Fountain. The fountain is made from polyresin and stands 4 feet 8 inches tall and 2 feet 9 ½ inches wide. The fountain really works!

Add the Oval Luminescent Lamps over your event for a romantic glow! The lamps are 5 feet 3 inches tall and over 4 inches wide.

Incorporate white and subtle shades of silver into all of your decorative accents for this theme and you’ll have a gorgeous event to remember! Check out all of our prom party supplies for tons of ideas.

Send students home with memory booklets to cherish the event. For this theme the Regency Memory Booklet is a perfect fit. The white cover is custom printed with your logo and wording and the insides are full of your custom content. Choose a white cover with any standard ink color! Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas for content!

Top it all off with a gorgeous prom favor. Our Elegant Swirls Frame is a lovely choice.  The acrylic frame is dusted with swirls of blue glitter and imprinted with your prom details. Students can add their own 4×6 photos and cherish them for years to come! We have a huge line of personalized prom favors for more options.

Check out all of our new prom supplies for 2009! Planning prom’s is our passion and we’d love to help you make your prom a night to remember!

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