Dance the Night Away with an In Your Arms Prom

in-your-arms-prom-decorationsRomantic themes are slogan-centric. Choose the right song lyric or slogan and you have a great way to turn simple, elegant decorations into a romantic theme. For example, our In Your Arms theme features lovely columns and lamps for a clean, classic look and the slogan In Your Arms adds the touch of romance.

The In Your Arms Kit includes two silhouettes, an In Your Arms Balloon Fountain, a sophisticated stretch arch, an oval luminescence lamp, two twilight lamps (black and white), two exquisite lamps (black and white) and four elegance lanterns (one black and white in two different sizes).

Start decorating for your prom by covering the floors with silver background material in layers to create a walkway. Cover the walls in dark blue flat paper and create drops of color by hanging white or silver gossamer from floor to ceiling. Add swags and drops of twinkle lights for a romantic glow.

Set up the In Your Arms Balloon Fountain for a stunning focal point. The fountain is 6 feet 10 inches high and 6 feet wide. Made of cardboard, the balloon fountain is accented with twinkle lights, streamers and balloons. It makes a beautiful and charming impression.

Create an entrance to the event with a Sophisticated Stretch Arch. The arch is made of a metal frame covered with stretch fabric available in black, white and silver. The arch stands 8 feet 2 inches high and 7 feet 7 inches wide. Students will love taking commemorative photos beneath the arch.

Accent the scene with the In Your Arms Silhouettes, which are made of cardboard and are shaped like a dancing couple. The silhouettes each stand 6 feet 6 inches tall and 3 feet 10 inches wide and are printed on one side.

Top the whole scene off with our Twilight, Exquisite and Elegance Lamps and Lanterns. They create a gorgeous, full look and a soft romantic glow.  Suspend the lamps of various sizes from the ceiling to add dimension to the scene.

With confetti, background materials and tons of decorating kits, check out all of our prom themes for ideas on how to fill out your prom venue.

After you select your decorations, choose memory booklets to help students treasure their prom memories. Our Foil-Brite Booklets are a great choice for this theme! The covers feature your design and wording on bright foil and the inside includes your wording in black ink. Choose your custom wording for up to 8 pages. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas!

Finally, finish off the event with a beautiful personalized favor. Our Sparkling Travel Mug is imprinted with your prom slogan and logo and available in a variety of sparkling colors. This is a fun favor students will love to use for years to come! Check out our full selection of personalized prom favors for more ideas too.

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  1. We really loved your Arabian’s night prom theme!!

    Prom Dresses

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