Celebrate the Good Times with an As Time Goes By Theme Prom

as-time-goes-by-prom-kitCelebrate the moment with a prom theme centered on your graduating class. Our As Time Goes By Prom Kit features a classy ballroom scene accented with décor celebrating this fabulous year.

The As Time Goes By Decoration Kit includes an arch, two small arches, a wire column featuring the year, a prom wire column and a set of three dancing couple silhouettes.

Create a beautiful backdrop for your prom decorations using blue seamless paper to cover the walls. Drape swags of royal blue gossamer from floor to ceiling for a chic accent and even add some twinkle light strings for a little flair. Cover the floor with black background material for a smooth look.

Set up the As Time Goes By Arch for a gorgeous entrance to your event. It also makes a beautiful setting for commemorative photos. The arch stands 11’4” tall and 7’8” wide and is made of fluted cardboard, corrugate and a printed cardboard arch with stars and As Time Goes By across the top.

Add the As Time Goes By Small Arches for a fuller look. The arches are customized across the top with your wording and are 10 ½’ tall and 5’7” wide. Plus they include a black curtain for a finishing touch.

The 2009 Wire Column and Prom Wire Column make beautiful accents. They stand 8’ tall and 2 feet wide. They make great photo props or accents for your theme decorations. The metal and wire structures are accented with twinkle lights.

Finish off the scene with the Dancing Couple Silhouettes. The elegant couples add a touch of class to the decorations. The dancers are 6’11” tall and 3’10” wide.

To further accent the scene, try our As Time Goes By Columns made from fluted cardboard and cracked ice and stand 6’4” tall and 2’2” wide. The White Modern Luminescent Columns are another idea. They stand 8’ tall and 24” in diameter and are made from elastic fabric over a metal frame.

After selecting your prom decorations, choose a memory booklet for students to remember their prom with. The Dancing Couple Booklet is a great choice for this theme. The booklet features a gold or silver foil dancing couple and shooting stars plus your custom wording on a black matte cover. The inside is printed with your custom content too.

Finish the night off with a personalized prom favor. Our Silver Stem Charleston glass is beautiful, plus you can create a custom candle out of it by choosing a wax or gel candle. Plus, we’ll imprint the glass with your own custom logo and wording. Check out all of our prom favors for tons of ideas.

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