A Star Themed Prom for Memories to Last Forever

make-it-last-forever-star-theme-prom-kit Star themed proms are a classic idea and Stumps Prom has tons of celestial themed decorations to make your event look spectacular. Our Make it Last Forever star theme is perfect for adding some ethereal beauty to your prom decorations.

The Make it Last Forever Kit includes a Make it Last Forever Arch, four forever clouds, two lighted stars, two iridescent cracked ice stars, two shimmering star assortment sets and a pair of balloon clouds.

Create a base for your star themed decorations using blue and white gossamer draped in curtains from floor to ceiling. Use plenty of gossamer in layers to create a light, billowing effect. Cover the floor with silver metallic background material.

Use the Make it Last Forever Arch to create a stunning entrance to your event. The arch is 11 feet 7 inches tall and 11 feet 6 inches wide and is accented with shimmer stars and twinkle lights. Students will love taking commemorative photos under the arch.

Add a heavenly accent with the Forever Clouds. The small clouds are 1 feet 10 inches tall and 3 feet 8 inches wide. The large clouds are 3 feet 8 inches tall and 7 feet 4 inches wide. The clouds are accented with simmer stars, tulle and twinkle lights.

The Balloon Clouds are a lovely touch too. They’re constructed of clear and pearl white balloons and twinkle lights.

The Celestial Wonder Lighted Star is a fantastic way to accent the entrance to your dance floor. The star is constructed from metal and lighted with twinkle lights. It’s 4 feet tall and 4 feet 8 inches long.

Top the whole look off with an assortment of silver glitter starsand iridescent cracked ice stars. They come in a variety of sizes and can attach to tons of surfaces for adding a celestial accent.

Next, create a stunning memory booklet for students to treasure prom memories with. For this theme we suggest the Dancing Couple Booklet, which encapsulates the elegance of prom and the star theme. The black cover is stamped with a gold or silver dancing couple and your wording. The inside is filled with your custom content. Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas!

Send students home at the end of the prom with a personalized favor to savor. The Celestial Wonders Frame is a lovely choice. The glass frame is black with gold or silver stars and is personalized with your prom information. Students can add their own 4×6 prom photo!

Check out all of our star themed prom decorations and let Stumps Prom help you plan your perfect event!

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